Stackable W/D and layout questions

maj13April 27, 2014

We're building a small mud/laundry room addition and I'm having second thoughts about he layout, specifically about going with a FL stackable W&D set up.

In the layout below, priorities are: (i) keeping windows on exterior wall as unobstructed as possible (so, anything that runs floor to ceiling pretty much needs to go on the other wall), (ii) having some counter space, and (iii) keeping a fairly big closet.

I don't mind the proposed layout, but I wonder if it'll drive me nuts not having any counter space at all on either side of the stacked W&D. For those folks who use stacked W&Ds, is this a problem for you? Where do you sort, fold, etc?

I can't see any good place to sort laundry, other than dumping everything on the floor and then loading the washer, which I don't really want to do.

It occurred to me that we could put FL W&D side by side against exterior wall and still not obscure windows. Which would allow me to put a counter on top of them and to sort (fold even) on top as well.

Any thoughts about the layout in general and specifically about the lack of counter space around a stacked W&D would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I've been living with stacked washers/dryers for 15+ years. The lack of counter space hasn't been an issue for me. I sort on the ground (it's dirty, it's going into the washer, the floor is probably cleaner than the clothes) and folding gets done on the bed or kitchen counter.

What I *DO* insist on is having a rod which can slide out to facilitate putting clothes on hangars. On a couple of my installs I just have bracket in place where I slide a piece of metal conduit when I'm ready to hang up clothes. When done, I slide it back in.

Miele stacking kit w/slide-out shelf:

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I like a place to fold. I have the slide out that Sean-m shows, with my Miele set. I also have a pull out ironing board next to my setup and can pull that out for folding. Then I have a valet bar installed into the cabinet next to my stack, and pull it out to hang a shirt or two when I iron. In your plan it looks like the w/d side by side with the counter over the top would work. You won't be using a pedestal I assume. Will it give you the window clearance that you desire? If you stack them in the corner you still have that run of counter don't you? Either way it looks like you have a counter to use. I don't think you have to have one right next to the set.

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