collapsible laundry baskets

debrak_2008April 16, 2012

Does anyone use collapsible laundry baskets? If so, do they work well? Which brands are a good value?

The cheapest I can find are over $10.



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My collapsible baskcets were purchased at a local hardware store. Brand name is Umbra, made in India, and made of 100% sturdy cotton canvas with a smooth polypropylene coating inside for easy cleanning. They have attached fabric handles. I don't use the baskets for carrying so I can't comment on how strong the handles are but they look sturdy enough. I use the baskets for storing laundry and other stuff.

I bought 2 sizes in the natural ivory canvas color: 17"diameter x 25" high and 13" diameter x 16-1/2" high. I recall seeing a third size in the store but I don't remember the dimensions. They were priced anywhere from $14-$20+. They can be used to store almost anything. The collapsible feature makes them easy to store when not in use. These baskets are great. I'm so glad i bought them.

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I buy mesh ones from Walgreens. Their regular price is 3.99, but they often have them on sale for 1.99. I prefer the horizontal ones, but each child has a vertical one in their room for their dirty clothes.I have a stack of about 10 that I keep in the laundry room, after washing I sort into these to transport back to the appropriate closet. Love them, they don't last forever but I have had some for years, still the best solution for me.

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I find mesh or any collapsible laundry bag to be cheap and short on life. I would definitely advise against using them if you are ever in need of transporting laundry. They are great as a space-saving hamper but otherwise I like using a heavy cloth laundry bag. You'd be suprised at how much you can fit in one and it can be easily tied around a closet door handle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nodak Laundry

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I buy mine at IKEA...good quality

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