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jge2010April 7, 2011

We are thinking of buying the Bosch compact washer and dryer for our new second floor laundry room. The WAS 20160 has 1000 rpms and cost $1100 vs. the more expensive WAS 24460, which has 1200 rpms and cost $1300.I decided on Bosch because of size considerations, leakage concerns and vibration.

Is it worth the extra $300 for the added 200 rpm's? Also, I would appreciate any feedback on these compact washers and dryers, especially anyone who has installed them on their second floor.

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The extraction force (G-force) varies as the square of the RPM, assuming the same drum diameter. So a 1200 RPM spin generates 1.44X the G-force of a 1000 RPM spin. That's good, but does increase the chance of vibration problems if your floor isn't stiff enough.

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Though I have NO idea why I was mindlessly clicking around and found myself on this Forum - I can respond to your post with our 2nd story Bosch experience.

We built our home, been in almost 4 years and put in the Bosch Next Premium (washer model WFMC640 with matching dryer). The laundry room is on the second floor and the first floor has 10 ft ceilings. The laundry room floor is travertine and I was very concerned about "movement". Bosch had done a recent "improvement" to the feet to correct movement issues around the time we got our set. As it turned out we ended up with the pedestals so they are even higher. The set has been great, a vast improvement over the Maytag Neptunes I used to have. I do like the 1200 RPM spin.....it makes a difference. Movement has not been an issue. I am not familiar with "compact" vs "full size" - ours would be considered "full size".

I had heard some negative things before taking delivery of the set but I find they clean very well. I would buy them again (though I am intrigued with the LG steam function).

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