Please Help With Some Questions On A Trane System

mbwaldropAugust 11, 2011

How does Comfort R work with the XV95 furnace...I understand it that is runs for one minute at 50% to cool down the coil, then at 80% for 7.5 minutes and then at 100%?

Which setting is the best to pull the moisture out of the air? We live in a very humid Alabama climate.

Can I control the humidity from a thermostat on the XV95 and a 13seer AC unit?

Which thermostat would I need to use to be able to control the humidity?

If I cannot control the humidity on the this system, what pieces am I missing to make it work?

How do I know that my system is working properly and efficiently?

Lastly, what is a reasonable temperature difference from inside a second floor to the outside temperature ? Example if it is 90 degress outside should the unit be able to cool to 68 degrees, and how long should it run to get to that temperature?

Thank you!

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If you the homeowner want to independently control humidity setting in AC cooling, then the preferred thermostat is Honeywell Vision Pro IAQ that has "dehumidify on demand" feature. With this stat, comfort r setting is disabled.

Second choice would be Trane or AmStd 803 or identical HW 8321 that
makes the Trane stat. Comfort R setting is used with this stat.

Before I made any changes, you need to take some humidity readings at several different areas in your home at different times of the day.

There are too many variables to make a good and accurate answer to your final question. I will say this. If you don't have zoning controls for controlling temperature Between first and second floor, you can expect a temperature differential of up to 10 degrees. This can depend on ductwork design/sizing, insulation/building qualities,whether you have damper control between airflow to first/second floor, and where the thermostat is



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