GE Harmony Washer and Dryer

whistle_gwApril 20, 2010

I'm seeking opinions about the GE Harmony. I did a search and didn't find anything more recent than 2008. I'm especially interested in whether it twists, tangles and excessively wrinkles the clothes. I presently have the Kenmore Oasis and it almost shreds my laundry! I can't replace with a FL because of vibrations issues.

All opinions are welcome.


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The GE Harmony has good reviews and should be OK...

Good news ... It's made by LG not GE

Bad news ... GE parts prices are sometimes 3x the cost of the same parts from other brands ..

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Thanks, regus patoff. Yes, I had heard that GE parts were expensive. I'm just trying to find a TL that won't be so rough on my clothes. I think I am going to get this set soon.

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Are you sure you're loading the washer properly? Also, how old is your Oasis? The washplate design was changed if I recall correctly to eliminate some issues. Wasn't there a recall or something on the original Oasis versions? Might be worth checking into. Maybe you can update your machine?

But regarding the Harmony, most all users I've read are very happy with them.

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I've had the Harmony set for about 5 years now and I love it. The only problem I had was with the dryer and it was under warranty. I would definitely recommend it!

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I have the GE Harmony washer and dryer. I have to say that I really like them. I've only been using them for less than a year though, so I can't really vouch for reliability. However, I do notice that clothes come out of the washer more wrinkled than with my old style top loader. I don't really care about that for towels, sheets, sox, etc. In fact, I always set the menu for extra spinning on those items to help reduce drying time. For clothing (not jeans though), I put the cycle on delicate and that seems to help with that problem some.

I'm attaching a link to Consumer Reports website where users review the Harmony washing machine. (I'm not sure the link will work though. I have an account.) I have to say the user reviews are all over the place and some of the owners do complain about the washer being too rough on clothes.

Here is a link that might be useful: consumer reports ge harmony user reviews

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Thanks, everyone.

Cynic: As far as I know, I'm loading correctly. I have read the manual, several times, and I understand about dropping items loosely around the perimeter. I turn long sleeve shirts inside out with the sleeves inside. I put pants into "lumps" rather than stretched out. I try to mix loads, but honestly, in the winter when we both wear long sleeve shirts and long pants it's hard not to have a load with all long stuff. That's when the tangling the is worst. My machine is a first generation and has had both the impeller and computer board replaced. No noticeable difference.

ebear: Thanks for replying. Yours was one of the older responses I found when I did my search. I'm glad to hear that you are having good luck. Do you have any hints about use in order to reduce tangling?

chickadeead: I can't get into that link. I do get CR magazine but I haven't had time to find the issue with washers. It's good to hear that you are having good results with your set.

Sears has a sale going through Sat. that I am probably going to take advantage of. Thanks again for the help.

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Full access to CR online is by subscription only, separate subscription from the print issue far as I know. I don't know if it's still the case, but several years ago when I subscribed online, they required that a credit card be kept active for auto-renewal ... after I subscribed, I could not remove my stored ccard information. Contacting them to have it cleared canceled the remainder of the subscription, with no refund.

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I've heard about the tangling problem but I've never really had it. Sheets tend to tangle but not enough to complain about. I have had a bit of trouble with long sleeves but I pull out the looser items first and the rest sort of just come apart. The best advice I can give is not to over-stuff the machine. I'm also a bit neurotic about laundry, I separate everything. Jeans and other heavy items, like hoodies, go into a load. Light items like shirts and PJ's go in another. I also take items that I don't want to wrinkle (like shirts) out one at a time and give them a little shake before going in the dryer. Personally I think irons should be illegal so I do everything I can to keep the clothes from wrinkling!

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ebear, That's funny about irons!! I actually like to iron, but only when I want to! Not because everything is twisted and braided! I think I'm going to take advantage of the Sear's sale and order the set tomorrow. Thanks for you suggestions.

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Well, I'm starting to have trouble with my GE Harmony dryer, which I don't even use that much because I am a dedicated line dryer. I do put the clothes in the dryer for 5 minutes after line drying them to remove wrinkles and to knock off pollen. However, after 2 years of light use the touch pad on my GE Harmony dryer is beginning to fail. Intermittently, it will not respond to my touch, especially the "okay" button which you have to press to get any cycle to start. I called GE and because it was out of warranty they were unbelievably UNHELPFUL. Practically hung up on me. I'm very disappointed in them and in the dryer. We aren't sure what we are going to do yet, but we looked up the touch screen part (which may or may not be the problem) and it ranged in price from $200 to $700. Not good.

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Have two of the Harmony dryers (gave one to my mom, but I inspect it for her thru out the year).
One is 7 years old, and the other is nearing 5.
No problems with either.
I, too, line dry as you do with a fluffing in the dryer.
I had the touchscreen act up on the washer a number of months back. It fortunately got better.
Do you also have the Harmony washer?
I think the touchscreen control board might have gotten damp from some repeated comforter cycle washes. The water causes steam to escape from the lid and collects in the area of the control board. Could your board have gotten damp??
I'm just guessing here of course, but it was in winter when I didn't have the window open for air flow.

Hang in there, I love the dryers myself!!

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Hi, Bookert, Thanks for the response. It is possible that some moisture may have gotten into the touch screen. It seems to be just certain areas that are affected, mainly where the "OK" button is. Anyway, I googled the issue and apparently I'm not the only one with the problem. I did unplug the dryer for a couple of minutes (which was a tip I picked up on an internet search) to reset the electronics and that did seem to help. We shall see . . .

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