Help Fridgidaire FL Problems

mike_73April 1, 2011

I have had my Gallery series washer for almost 6 years and no problems. today washing a comforter which I have washed many times. I hear banging from the basement. I go down and the machine has walked it self to the wall from where it was and is still going like mad banging away in what should have been the final spin. To get in the basement and move it I had the unplug it and push it out of the doorway. When I got around the front of it and opened the thing the tub was off center and sagging down to the left. the rubber bellows was all out of sorts. the inner drum still turned freely once I had taken out the Item I was washing. any Idea what is the issue and what its going to cost to repair? I am thinking a suspension problem.

Or maybe I need to one year same as cash a new one.

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Could be suspension (spring/shock absorber).
Only way to know is to open it up or have a service person come and look.

Get an estimate and go from it worth fixing for a few hundred or just getting a new machine for hundreds more over the fix price?

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Around 7 years old the wash tub spider usually corrodes out and fails on these washers. This sounds like what happened to yours if it is not the suspension.
The cost to repair is about the same as a new washer.

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Well thanks for the replies. I being me couldn't wait for the repair guy to show and I am canceling that since I decided to tear in to it myself and see what it was saturday morning. I took off the service panel from the bottom and didn't see any thing broken so I took off the top. that's where I found the springs that suspened the wash tub had been ripped through where the springs hook in to the composite outer tub to hold it up. I'm no appliance tech only a computer tech with some mechanical ability. So what I can see is that it needs a whole new wash tub and to replace that the machine would basicly need gutted and god only knows what that part sells for plus it looks like a lot of work and $$$ to pay someone to do. I thought maybe the tub was covered by some warrany so I looked at the manual and the warranty. the inner stainless wash basket is covered for 25 years, motor, drive pulley and controler for 5 years so my failure is not covered and by my estimation not worth the time and cash to fix. one repair place told me that after I said what the issue was. Even if I replaced the tub chances are the shock absorbers might be blown out to from this event.

so I went shopping this afternoon. I am getting a Samsung 4.3 cu ft VRT steam washer from best buy. it was $899 regular price and on sale for $637. with $100 off the pedistal, so I got that too for $99 It was a little more than I wanted to spend but seemed the best deal and most bang for my $$ compaired to anything I looked at. 18 month no intrest helped too since this was not a planned purchase. I found my old sales slip from the Fridgidaire and I actually paid $699 for that when it was new. on top of that my power company is now offering a $75 rebate for new HE washers so I can get that too. I think I am getting a better machine for less in the long run with way more features this time. Now I can't wait for Delivery.

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