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akaylor58August 12, 2011


I live near Dayton, OH and just got quoted the following...

Trane XR-95 gas furnace (95 AFUE + 60,000 BTU's) and Trane XR-15 air conditioner (15 SEER + 2.5 tons and 30,000 BTU's) for $5600 (labor included in that number).

Tax credits are $150 for furnace and $300 for AC. Also qualify for a $300 rebate from natural gas supplier.

I don't know much about this are these numbers??

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That doesn't sound too bad to me. You are getting a good brand. I recently paid $5450 for a new American Standard Evaporator coil and condenser using the old furnace. Just make sure that the furnace has a variable speed fan. You'll need this to get the most out of the SEER 15 a/c unit.

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You can not achieve the performance/eff capability of the XR15 condenser with a sgl stg conventional blower furnace. It is the same for paying for something that you don't get.

2 suggestions.

Upgrade to the XV95 two stg var speed furnace or drop down to the XR13 condenser.

What was included in quote? New refrigerant line set? What about filter cabinet? What mdl evap coil was included with quote?

What size furnace and AC are you replacing?


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Thanks Tiger,

I don't know much about the old units (or this topic in general), but I was told to get the XR15 because of the tax credits that come with. Don't think the XR13 qualifies for same (if any) tax credits.

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You are wasting your money purchasing the XR15 condenser without a var speed furnace or a furnace with high eff blower motor.

Look at the XV95 or XT90 furnaces both better choices than the XR95.

If dealer tells you otherwise he is either ignorant or being untruthful.

Sorry, that is the truth.


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