Stack Front Loaders??

drewemApril 26, 2012

Did anyone stack their Front Loaders to save space? Do you like it, or have regrets? What is on the bottom? Do you have any movement of your washer? How does it stand up against the vibrations of the washer cycle? Do you need to buy special ones to stack?

I have side by side front loaders with peds,so am familiar with the vibrations and movement.

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Washer is always on the bottom. Only units with controls on the front can be stacked ... there were/are some models with control panels on the back like a toploader but probably aren't as common nowadays. Stacking typically requires an adapter kit to anchor the dryer to the washer ... it doesn't just sit "freely" on top.

Stacking can be difficult to wrestle the water/plumbing and dryer vent connections if the units are installed in a closet or cubby-hole. The washer's water faucets, both power cords, and gas if applicable to the dryer MUST be accessible to shut off in case of an emergency. Service is also a challenge, being as the dryer pretty much always has to be take off the washer to service either one. For those reasons, I would personally never do a stack set.

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I have a stacked set upstairs and a side by side set down stairs, all Askos. The stacked set has much less vibration/noise due to the weight of the dryer.

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I've had the Maytag Neptune 2000 FL stackable washer/dryer since its origin in 2000. The washer's bearings are almost finished. Prior to the Maytag I had a TL GE. I don't have room currently for anything but stacked units.

I liked the TL because it was less bending. Now FL's sell risers, but I wouldn't advise that when stacking due to additional height. The Neptune FL is low, somewhat cumbersome to load, developed the infamous seal problem, but, it kept on ticking. Twelve years for a FL washer is pretty good I think. The dryer seems as it could go on for ever. I've been looking at all manufacturers, laboriously. I'm looking further into LG, Speed Queen and maybe Electrolux.

Sandy, which Asko models do you have? I'm looking for a new stackable 27" set and have heard some good reports about Asko. Thanks.

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Sparklingwater - I currently have 3 sets. One will go to my BIL for his apartment as soon as I decide which I am willing to part with. LOL! I have a 660 (1600 rpm), 6984 (1800) and a 6424 (1200 rpm). The 6424 is the least customizable. The 660, 11 years old and purchased for $100, is the most fun as I can pick any temp, spin speed or cycle in any combination. They are all set up for cold fill. If you are at all handy I would recommend checking out Craigslist. I replaced the drain pump on the 660 in 5 mins. Very easy to diagnose and work on. Amazingly built. Virtually all steel. They all go to 205 degrees. Big differences are ability to customize and spin speeds. They are mini commercial machines.

The dryers are the same in terms of varying by model. Programabilty differs. I LOVE the double filter! Not a trace of lint left on anything! My oldest washer can be plugged into the newest dryer. That makes me happy. Designersurpluswarehouse had some great deals when I was on their site a few weeks ago. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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Thanks Sandy!

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i have the maytag 2000 series that i want to stack. no one seems to have answered the most critical question i have: dryer on top of washer, how difficult are they to pull out (how heavy), to get behind to clean the water lines. we're on well water and get a lot of sediment in the lines which ultimately clog the screen/filter where the supply hose attaches to washer (especially the hot water line)

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Friend has a stack set in the kitchen at one of his rental properties ... no other choice due to design constraints. Anyway, the whole stacked unit moves easily being on slick hardwood flooring. The dryer is quite heavy (heavier than standard dryers IME moving several of those) and not easy to lift up and down, definitely NOT a 1-man job. Accessing the plumbing is easy in this instance. The set is in a corner, the right side is open next to the refrigerator (the refrigerator does have to be moved out but has rollers).

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I am wondering this too, but my concern is being able to reach the controls. I am only 5'3" (on a good day!) and when I walked through the appliances at Sears just to see what was there, it seemed like all the controls were going to require a boost for me to reach them if stacked.

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Here's a pic of mine. I've had it this way for 12 years (not always this set obviously!) and although it is a little high, it's not unreachable and I find it's the best use of space in my tiny laundry room. And these are huge Kenmore/Samsung units. Height of dryer controls is ~ 72" and display is ~2-3" above that. Hasn't been an issue (I'm 5'6").

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OH BOY, I get to show off my setup :)

Miele stacked set:

Cabinet surround installed. I asked that my cabinets be made in this fashion. There was some miss communication between me, the cabinet retailer, and the fabricator. I had excessively detailed drawings that I made, the retailer had a simple hand drawing that she handed off to the fabricator, that had no call out details. It was frustrating to say the least. But my fabulous carpenter did a great workaround. I am happy.:

Mid section with false back on the lower shelf that snaps out. I can reach in and turn the shutoff valve easily. If I take the upper shelf out, I can have full access to the dryer vent for cleaning. My outlets to the set are located in the lower section, not really visible in this shot, where I have open shelving for laundry baskets:

The upper areas for seldom used items:

Below is my thread from December. There might be more information in the link. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sneak Peak Laundry Cabinets and Miele Set

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