Miele 4840/9820 vs 4842/9822 ?

jsfoxApril 14, 2011

As has been discussed, our 4840 and 9820 are lemons. Whether individual lemons or symptomatic of the entire series I don't know. Some of the problems we've had are known common problems such as the washer door no sealing/closing, others, like the busted belt on the dryer are not (yet anyway) commonly known problems with these units.

Does anyone have any thoughts and ideally experience regarding the newer xxx2 versions of these comparatively? Have Miele corrected all of the problems with the xxx0 versions? Are the xxx2 versions solidly reliable? Is overheating a problem with the 9822? Door on 4842 stable and seals well? Other?

Other Miele products we have are solid, but I'm a bit gunshy about another W&D.


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@jsfox... You posted in another thread about the never ending problems and over 7 service calls you had on your units. Several of us asked you for clarification on your service calls and what they were for. You didn't respond to any of our inquiries. It's hard to help you with your "lemons" when we don't even know what was wrong with them in the first place.

Regarding the drive belt in the dryer, or as you call "commonly known problems with these units", a drive belt is a maintenance item. It is not a "flaw". Belts and hoses can break or leak as a matter of course. My Asko dryer broke a belt 6 months into ownership, then all was fine for the next six years until I sold it. Drive belts break. So do shoe laces. That doesn't mean there's an inherent flaw or problem with these machines or your shoes.

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@jsfox... I'm sorry, I see that you did itemize your issues in the other thread regarding your problems. Please disregard the first para of my above posting. I have the W4842 and haven't had any of the problems you describe. I think Miele did re-engineer a number of things. I also believe yet another revision of this product is going to hit the market this summer, so it may be in your best interest to wait a few months.

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Yes they have made most if not all of the corrections to your problems. But as mentioned above an even newer version will be released soon probably in the summer time if not by year end. The modifications that I know have been made are as follows:

Redesigned door glass and lock guide
New boot fastener now plastic clip like, no longer wire and spring tension.
4842 program selections have been moved around on the control panel offering direct selection of only the most commonly used programs. Others were placed into the Mastercare index.

Redesigned lint filter
Redesigned blower fan
Modification to Gas dryer vent line and control programs

There might be a few more I'm forgetting and even some things were aren't aware of. Whatever they did, it seems to have worked. One complaint I still hear from time to time is vibration, common amongst the breed I find. The only complaint I have is with the dryer. The 45 min warm program gets things way too hot. I stopped using it. I just wish you could choose the length of time in the timed dry cycle. 45 min is too long for some things and they just get baked.

FYI,I have the service manuals for your machines if you'd like them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele IntelliQ

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mieleforme, that seems like way more changes than Miele Canada had told me. I spoke with someone specifically about the new models and she told me most of the changes were minor.

I was on the fence about waiting for the new units or just getting the W4842/T9822.

I've linked my previous thread about this.

This is what they told me:

Functionally speaking not much is changing. These new IntelliQ units will replace the current W4XXX/T9XXX ones.

The two main changes are:

1. The machine will self dose liquid detergent. It has a separate container you can place anywhere around the machine. The machine senses your load size and you tell it the soil level and it does the rest. This feature means nothing to me as I change detergent so often I wouldn't use it.

2. They are adding an additional washing cycle for "sports gear". They told me you could probably achieve similar results using the hand wash cycle on the W4842. I don't wash hockey gear so also not important to me.

The other changes are all mainly aesthetic. The door will be chrome; the control panel will be black with silver buttons.

Some cycle names are changing but will function exactly the same as the current W4XXX/T9XXX models.

For example, "Heavy Soil" is now going back to "Prewash" (can I hear an "amen" from all you Miele owners). The 45 min warm will be called "45 min dry" / the 20 min cold will be called "fluff".

jsfox, I've only had my pair since early February but so far no issues. They wash and rinse really well. The dryer takes a little adjusting too but I really like it. I use Normal Gentle for most loads and things come out slightly damp (which I know is better for fabrics). For loads such as towels I use the Normal Turbo.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ah ha! Miele debuts new 27 inch IntelliQ

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Is Miele buying back or exchanging your units for newer units?

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@ livebetter

The changes I am referring to were made years ago. As for the IntelliQ changes you are right there are few. However, I think there are a few more. One I read about was some sort of new improved balancing system. If it were me, and I could, I would wait.

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Mieleforme, Miele Canada told me that balancing system is already in the new W4842 (the current one I just received).

I can tell you my unit is very solid - very little shaking (although it is installed on tile over concrete in my basement laundry).

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