Best service for washers- home depot or sears?

jellybeanmeApril 18, 2012

I have searched and researched this for a couple weeks and still can't make a decision! A new washer is so much money, I don't want to get the wrong one or from the wrong place. I live about an hour from Home Depot, Sears, and Lowes. So I haven't been in to actually look at washers, just online. My main thing now is where to get it, which place will have the best service if something fails. I am pretty sure I want either an LG or Kenmore Elite (front load) because of the size/ features. Do these stores deal with warranty and service themselves? Or will I need to deal with LG directly and they send someone for service? It seems the store salesmen don't know all of this and just guess, so I want to know what all of you have experienced for this to be sure.

Is Kenmore or LG better/ easier/ faster to get serviced and easier/ cheaper to fix yourself after warranty? (I am very mechanically inclined and have a full shop, husband also can fix most things. I have rebuilt my snowmobile motor about 4 times!)

Features I want-

Sanitize (sensitive to allergens and dander, soaps, etc)

Steam wash, don't care much about Steam Refresh

Big size- probably around 4.3 to wash blankets, was considering a 3.7 but without trying one I just don't know if it will be big enough. I want to do a lot at once and wash blankets.

Direct drive motor- seems they will be better overall

Water plus feature would be nice, and also bulky/ heavy duty- lots of greasy, oily clothes, horse hair, etc.

Can't find photos of Kenmore's steam wash in action. Is it a full steam wash, or just adds steam to a normal wash? It seems LGs has washes that are full steam, Kenmore's doesn't look it is which I'm guessing won't be as effective?

The LGs seem cheaper, I'm considering the 3550 model, not sure on the Kenmore. Any experience/ advice on these issues would be great! Thanks!

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Can't edit I guess? As for the steam, I guess that's not required. I thought it would be good for very oily clothes, and stuff that I don't want to fully soak, like throw pillows and things? Or does it fully soak on any steam cycle? Maybe it's not necessary? I use a floor steam cleaner and parts cleaners with steam are way more effective so seems clothing would be similar. Most of my (and my husbands) clothes are greasy after many washes, it never comes out in the wash.

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Sears, Lowes and Home Depot all use A&E Repair service for their service calls. A&E is owned by Sears. Used to be the "blue team" but when they stated servicing other retailers stuff they changed the name to remove the Sears logo.

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