Need 2 washers & 2 gas dryers. Please just tell me what to buy!

beaglesdoitbetter1April 3, 2011

I am researched out from kitchen planning decisions and I tried to start looking at laundry machines and everyone has a different opinion about what to buy and now I am confused! Plus, I know nothing at all about washing machines!

Here is my situation, please tell me what you would buy in each scenario. There are 2 of us & 2 dogs. Some day there may be up to 2 kids. I don't particularly want to spend Miele money.

1. Need a stackable washer & gas dryer for a master linen closet.

- Maximum depth in the closet is 37.5 inches total so I need to be careful on depth b/c the dryer line also has to be accommodated.

- 27 inch width (unless there is no way to accommodate a king comforter in that- I don't want to go bigger b/c that will make my laundry hampers too small)

- Needs to be able to accommodate a king comforter

- Speed is important- I want to be able to do a load quickly. I like the sound of the LGs that claim to be able to do a load in 36 minutes?

- We have dogs. Washer that's good w/ dog hair? (Is there such a thing?)

2. Need a washer & gas dryer for upstairs laundry

- Not stacked. Max of 61 inches available for both units

- Will some day be used for doing kid's laundry & main laundry of household.

Please tell me what to buy, laundry is not an area about which I know anything and I want something that will work well.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would not presume to tell you what to buy but I can tell you what I did buy, I got the Samsung large capacity steam washer and dryer FL's at Lowes for a very very good price, they reduced them greatly. I got the electric version of the dryer.
7.4 cu. ft. Steam Electric Dryer

4.5 cu. ft. Steam Washer

So far I love them both, no vibration at all and they clean and dry wonderfully, no problems with tangled clothes. I use the Sears HE powder detergent and the Purex crystals.
Works for me.
Plus was that Lowes had the 18month interest free option, even if they are not offering that option you can ask them to call in and see if they will give you the 12 month no interest they have always said yes to me.

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Thanks ravencajun. I'll look at these w/ the gas dryer!

Did you stack yours? How fast can you do a load from wash to done? (A small load, like one blanket size?) Do you wash large linens (king comforter?) in yours?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

no mine are not stacked but they do have the kit to stack them I saw on their website. I have done loads of various sizes and all in all the time is pretty close to what it was on my old top loaders, on the FL the wash takes longer in general I would say 50 mins but the dryer is very fast so takes much less time there. I usually dry mine on the less dry setting and even when doing a load of sweats and towels only had 2 items that had to be put back for a few more minutes.
Yes I do my sheets and comforters, I follow the advice from the website and add some towels in with it so that there is less twisting. I have not had any problems with wadding or twisting so far. I had been worried about it since I read so much about that happening, but in reality it always happened in my old set so I expected it to happen in the new ones to some degree. Mine are set on my tile floor which is on a solid concrete foundation and I have no vibration. I do not have pedestals.

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Thanks for the info! I was hoping for something faster but I've heard that the LG 36 minute claim is just a gimmick so maybe nothing faster exists. It sounds good that the linens don't twist though!

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