Thermostat Installation

acehAugust 17, 2006

About to install a new Honeywell RTH6300B thermostat. I have 5 wires coming from the, yellow, white, red and blue. Old thermostat had connections for W, RH, B, RC, G, O, Y...(Old thermostat was White Rodgers model # 1F86-244.) New Honeywell RTH6300B thermostat has connections marked G, W, Not Used, Y, R, Rc.

I can understand Y=yellow, W=white, G=green, and R=red....what about the blue wire? New Honeywell thermostat has no terminal labeled B.

P.S. Old thermostat (White Rodgers) had a red metal jumper on RH and RC with the red wire from the wall connected to the RC terminal.

New Honeywell RTH6300B thermostat has a metal jumper on R and Rc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I made a mistake in my original post. I have 4 wires coming from the wall NOT 5 wires. The colors are White, Green, Blue and Red.

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The colors of the wires don't mean anything at all. There is a rule of thumb about which wire color goes to which marked terminal but it isn't always followed. Find where the low voltage connects down in the air handler. Mark what color goes to what letter and connect to the same letter on the new t stat. Didn't that new t-stat come with directions? The first instruction is usually something like 'Mark wires before removing from old thermostst' If you couldn't follow that part the rest is gonna be really hard.

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I did write down what wires came from where. However, the OLD thermostat had a connection labeled B to which a BLUE wire was connected. The NEW thermostat does NOT have a connection labeled I was basically asking where to connect the blue wire with the NEW thermostat. This was included in the second paragraph of my original post.

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Lets back up a little. Is this a heat cool system or just a straight A/C? B terminals are normally just used in heat pumps. Thats why I said earlier to go down where the air handler is and see where the t-stat wires are connected at the air handler and note those connections.

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This is a Heat/AC system. I've NEVER had a heat pump. The old thermostat was installed by a Heating & A/C company tech and had the blue wire connected to the B terminal on the old White Rodgers Thermostat. New Honeywell Thermostat does NOT have a B terminal.

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I've repeatedly said you have to go down to the furnace and see what color wires go to what terminals before you can hook up the new t-stat. You have to go and physically see what color wires go to what terminals. If you don't understand that you better pay to have somebody come and hook the darn thing up for you!

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i agree with Mr.hvac, u need to write down the colors and the corresponding letters W=White wire, ect. and then it is a no brainer to go the the stat if the blue wire is on the Y terminal (hypathetically) then connect it to the Y terminal on the stat...if not, pay someone so u don't fry the stat...good luck

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I have an White Rodgers 90 series blue that I tried to hook up where my old white rodgers thermostat is. Old thermostat is for both heating and airconditioning. The problem is on my old one it has four wires, 2 are black and 2 are white. On the new climate control one it has 4 wires that are, black, white, red and yellow. How do I hook this up. Please help me. Thanks

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