Why are dryer vents so difficult to hook up?

jenathegreatApril 24, 2007

Is it just my DH and me? Every time we've ever had to move the dryer (granted, that's not very often), it's always a MAJOR ordeal to get the darn vent hooked up again.

The metal ring that goes around the vent is really hard to screw in the first place. Second, it's hard to get it tight enough that the vent won't come off the vent end at either the wall or the dryer itself. We've also tried some little metal clamp rings, but they don't hold it very tight either. We've tried less rigid vents and one that's more rigid hoping that the clamps would work better on one of them, but they don't.

We have a very tight space to work in and we're not small people, so squeezing behind the dryer and squatting down to get to the vent is really hard. And then, just when you think it's all connected, you push the dryer back into place and the blasted thing comes off again! ARGH!

Thanks for reading my rant. Any suggestions? Are we complete idiots and the only people in the world who have this problem? When I see suggestions that say you should vaccuum your dryer vent every year, I just laugh - no way would I take that sucker off if I didn't have to!

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Couple of suggestions. I'm currently using stainless steel circular clamps (called hose clamps) for the ends of vent pipes that have thumbscrews instead of the ones with just screws that you have to stand on your head to tighten. Those clamps work with free-standing wood stove chimney pipes (not the ones with thumbscrews, never used those except on dryer vents) so they should work even on rigid dryer vent pipe.

Also, I haven't done this, but it seems me if you have rigid dryer vent pipe that if you make a lengthwise cut in the pipe, not past the part that covers the outlet from the dryer, that would allow a clamp to compress the pipe around the dryer outlet better and would help.


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I was poking around and found this product on the internet. Have no idea if it works well, but it's a different take on the dryer connection problem. Would want to learn more about this item before considering it. Right off I'd be worried that the heat from the dryer would degrade the materials used for making the seal over time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quick Connect for Dryer Vent

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I bought a dryer exhaust extension from Lowes and attached it the dryer exhaust. It gives you more room to work with. Hope this helps.

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this video gives very helpful tips:

Here is a link that might be useful: flex hose tips

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