Tier 11 or Tier 111??

bookertApril 2, 2011

I couldn't find info online so hope you can help me out.

I currently own a 6yr. plus GE Harmony w/o heater washer. I wonder what Tier it comes in energy wise?

GE has just come out with a new GE Harmony version to my surprise, but I'm assuming it's a Tier 111 unit.

Not to sound ignorant, but does that mean it uses much less water than my model?

That's one thing I love about my machine, it uses ample water, and water temps are awesome even w/out heater.

I used a friends new Samsung Steam washer and found the water usage was very minimal. I used the heavy duty cycle and the load still had smells after the wash.

Question, do all of the new HE TL washers appear to be in the Tier 111 category?

Is the new LG He TL a Tier 111 unit as well?

Thanks to anyone able to clear this up for me!

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For what it's worth, the new GE Harmony is the same machine as the LG WaveForce Top Loader. Samsung's new TL is also a rebadged LG, as is the Sears Kenmore Elite. I think they are all Tier III, but have not confirmed that.

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Tier III top load washers will use very little water, that is to get them to the III level. A quick google of Top Load Washer Tier II shows a bunch of them.

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Thank you for your comments.

I was hoping (duh) the new Harmony used as much water as my older model. I'm a dreamer! =)
I wonder if I can find out the water usage difference between my older unit and the new ones?

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