Suggested Baseboards for Oil Hot Water Heat

djdoggoneAugust 11, 2012

We are adding a room and installing additional baseboard in another. We need to choose the baseboard for an oil-fired furnace. Are there any recommendations as to which to choose and which to avoid? We live in New England. Thanks, Deb

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Please see Jaga link below. These are certainly some of the most stylish!


Here is a link that might be useful: Jaga USA

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The baseboard doesn't care what type of boiler (not furnace, that's warm air) you have. If you know what make you already have stay with that. If you are adding to an existing piece and can't find the same make, you might want to replace the entire section so it matches since every mfr has a different design.

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Thanks for the correction dapoppa. Boiler it is.

The original manufacturer is no longer in business so we can not match exactly. I was hoping for an approximate match but a friend said she thought there were now such things as high efficiency baseboards. Just didn't know where to start but when I googled I came up with a homeowner very unhappy with his baseboard (Heatrim) so I was hoping for suggestions for good baseboards.

fsq4cw: Jaga is very stylish. I bet it is very expensive.

We are a bit more commonplace. A tiny Cape Half House with ancient pine cabinetry and laminate counter tops.


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Slant Fin is probably going to be the easiest to locate, even Home Depot has it. As far as efficiency, they're all about the same unless you get radiant baseboard. Check with a plumbing & heating wholesaler for more info. Standard baseboard is available in a variety of outputs. Sometimes you'll have insufficient wall space for standard output baseboard so high output will give about 150 btu's/ft more to make up for the shortness. I used to install it in bathrooms and other similar areas where most of the wall is already taken by tubs, toilets, cabinets, etc.

Prices will vary according to output but get what you need.

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Thanks very much. Sounds like Slant Fin will fit the bill. Regards, Deb

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