Quietside or Viessmann

eve80August 5, 2014

Hello All,

I am in the process of switching from oil to gas. I have two work proposals, each offering a different boiler. I tried comparing the two but can't find enough info to make a decision. They both report information in different formats and I frankly can't make any sense of it! (I'm sure that's why they do it that way :) )

The first choice is a Quietside DPW-199 (with DHW). It's at 90% efficiency which I'm not sure qualifies for any energy incentives or tax breaks. It's roughly $1000 (including installation) less but price isn't my main concern.

The second choice is The Viessmann Vitodens 100 with optional on-demand DHW. At 95% efficiency seems a bit better but is it really better in terms of usage?

Both boilers don't seem to have any great reviews online. I need to make a decision but can't make up my mind. Would anyone care to help me make a choice? I would appreciate any input!

To add, I have a 1250 sq ft cape with 3 heating zones (basement - rarely used, first floor, second floor). There are 1.5 bathrooms and dish washer. Up to 4 people living in the house.

Thank you!!!!

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I did a search for quiet side as I never heard of them and found a few upset customers on one of the other forums that had them installed in their house.

Viesmann is what I will be installing next year, their construction is excellent.

As important as the quality of the equipment is the reputation and experience with the contractor that is going to install it. If they check out good, then I would choose this over the QS unit.


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