GE DCVH480EKWW 24" Dryer

SilverBullet3GApril 13, 2013

I recently bought the GE 24" Washer and Dryer. I live in a condo and can only fit 24" wide washer/dryer and previously had the one-piece stack units from Sears. Decided to buy the front loaders. I did notice when drying clothes, it seems to take longer to dry than with my older non-front load set. I had underwear and socks and used the "cotton" (sensor dry) setting and it initially started out with either 55 minutes or 110 minutes. Then as time went on, it added more time, which I guess is from the sensor dry feature. So today when drying only 4 bath towels, I used the "timed" setting with 60 minutes. The towels were still damp, so I added another 20 minutes and still a tiny bit damp. Does anyone who has this GE Dryer have any suggestions or tips on what settings/time to use for certain types of loads such as Bath Towels, or Jeans, or undergarments, etc? I dont like the fact that it may take 2 hours or so just to dry one load of clothes, and not even a full/large load either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Are you using the highest available spin speed on the washer, and how wet are the clothes when they come out of the washer?

One of the major advantages of the FL'ing washers is the higher spin speeds. The clothes should come out damp, not wet. If you're sure you're not overloading the dryer (and they need a lot of room to tumble correctly) either the washer isn't extracting enough water, or your dryer isn't getting hot enough or you don't have enough air moving through the dryer. The final problem can be caused by a vent that's blocked up with lint or other obstruction. I found my dryer vent blocked by a birds nest once. The vent would be the first thing I'd check.

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I just reread your post. 4 full sized, heavy bath towels may be too much for a 24" dryer. A good rule of thumb is that you don't want to fill a dryer drum more than about half way to allow room for tumbling and air flow in and out of the drum.

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Thank you for the help everyone. I had the condo initially come out and blow out my vent from my wall up to the roof where it comes out. That was before I used my dryer for the first time and had that issue with drying clothes. I then had the condo come back out to blow out the vent from wall to roof again, but this time they had another person on the roof to make sure they were feeling the air blowing from my wall opening to the roof. My issue has always been that my wall vent opening is only 3-1/2" in diameter, not 4" like most. So in the past with other dryers Ive had, I had to tape the base of the 4" vent to my wall 3-1/2" opening so air wont escape or lint blow out the sides at times. I did that this time as well and its finally working good. I have been using the "timed" (high/heat) setting for most of my clothes when drying and usually within 60-90 minutes they are dry. I think problem is solved. Thank you again.

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Everyone says you're welcome and I'm glad you got it fixed. It's a clogged vent most of the time, so I'm glad you got it checked. That can also be a fire hazard. Lint is extremely flammable.

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