Returning NEW Broken Machine?

natschultzApril 24, 2011

I've been looking at some compact stacking machines, and reading reviews, well the Bosch and LG both had some similar (scary) reviews (on AJ Madison): Apparently the machines did not work the FIRST time they were used, and neither company would allow them to be returned for new machines, they said they were "repairable" and sent out the repairmen who needed parts... and neither machine ever worked right and neither company would allow the machine to be returned for a new one. Is this NORMAL? If it doesn't work on day one, WHY can't you return it? Shouldn't the store accept it for an exchange? What about a place like Home Depot (never purchased an appliance there) - they accept returns of power tools with no questions asked. I was just thinking that in such a case a big store with a good return policy might be a good way to hedge against such a problem. Anyone experience this?

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It is best to review the consumer laws applicable to your state regarding said purchase.

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I purchased a Blanco sink from them which arrived broken in half. AJ Madison told me that they would not exchange it and that I had to file a claim with UPS. Blanco would not replace the product either because they said AJ Madison is not an authorized dealer, therefore the warranty does not apply.

Stay away from this outfit. Run!

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Interesting, well, AJ Madison is in NY, and so am I. It did seem odd that such reviews would be on the AJ Madison site and have no mention of the store's return policy. I'd have called the store first, not the manufacturer.

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Some retailers offer replacement within 30 days if you experience any problems. Future Shop (owned by Best Buy) does this here in Canada - to my knowledge, unlike service, it doesn't involve any consultation with the manufacturer.

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One more thing to do is report to the BBB. Have you tried that???

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And just what do you think the BBB would do? They have no enforcement power and certainly don't own the companies. The BBB is a total waste of time. The theory of the perceived value of the BBB has been totally replaced by the internet.

I'd always check the return policy of the vendor before making a major purchase. I see so many people running into the situation where they buy something, it breaks down but have to wait a long time to get it repaired. And so often people get fooled into buying a service contract thinking it's an "extended warranty" and then find out warranty rules do not apply.

You should also find out about parts availability and service facilities for the appliance. If you have to hire someone to drive 150 miles to work on something, you're not gonna like it. And if you have to wait for parts to be shipped from Germany, China, Korea or Togo, you won't be washing your clothes for a while.

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Full disclosure: I work as a customer support for a manufacturer. I don't want to disclose which one because I don't want to defend or denigrate any brand or machine. Just to provide a perspective.

I understand the desire to not have a problem with a brand new appliance.

Large appliances such as washers and dryers are tested prior to boxing and shipment. Sometimes something comes loose during shipment or it takes longer than the testing time for a component to fail. These issues are usually fixed easily and present no problem for the remaining lifetime of the machine.

Unlike computers and TV's where they get sent back and reconditioned and then resold, washers and dryers can't be moved around the country in UPS trucks by the dozens.

A large number of complaints about a machine can be because there is a real problem with the machine, or that because they make so many of them that a small percentage of failures is a large number.

Many retailers get requests for a new machine for a variety of reasons, a lot of them have to do with the expectations of the machine. How long or short the agitation is, how fast or slow the spin speed is. The amount of hot water or the water level.

Manufacturers provide warranties to fix the machine. They will honor that. If the machine operates as designed but the machines doesn't meet expectations or has inadequate water supply or drainage then that isn't a warranty issue.

Some retailers depend on the manufacturer to honor the warranty and fix the machine while some replace machines and resell them as returns because they sell so many of them. Check the return policy before you buy the machine.

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I agree with Cynic about the value of the BBB. They are just about useless. Just because a company tells you that they are a member of the local BBB, that doesn't mean anything. To join, just send them your membership fee and you're in. No checking or anything like that.
The most they can do is try to "encourage" the company you are having a problem with to settle a claim, but they can't force anyone to do anything. But our local BBB does have a phone number you can call that when you enter the phone number of a business you'd like to do business with it'll tell you how many complaints they have on file with that business. So that has some use.

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