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joe_mnAugust 16, 2011

tech said my central air compressor was shot. 35yrs old system. quoted me a coleman 80%, 100kbtu, 3 ton 13seer air, new 3/8 lineset, progam thermo, condensate pump. the furnace model is TXG series. 10 yr free annual service. $5800 installed. mpls, mn area. annual gas bill is 700/yr for a 2400 sqft house. elec is higher. 1300 or so. not sure if HE is worth it for my needs.

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you should be getting a 95% efficiency 2-stage furnace. 80% furnaces aren't the way to go.

If your in a cold climate like Minneapolis I wouldn't skimp on the furnace at all. If your electric is cheap, you might want to consider upgrading the A/C to heatpump so you would have a dual fuel system. Heat pumps work well in 30 degrees and above.

The heat pump is just a mention. Its not necessarily the way to go in your area although a really believe a 95% furnace is a must.

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if i save 15% on gas or 100/yr than it might take 20 yrs to pay for system upgrade. a multi-stage/multi-speed fan would probably make house feel more consistent temp wise. do they package he furnaces with 13 seer a/c units? my a\c died, but furnace is probably on last legs

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I'm very surprised that it only costs $700 per year in gas to heat a 2400 sq. ft. home in Minneapolis Minnesota. A 95% 2 stage furnace doesn't have to cost a fortune. It would make your home feel more comfy also.

I've been seeing alot of people getting quoted 80% furnaces lately. Gas is low now, it might not stay that way. If an installer quotes an 80% furnace, they are trying to save themselves extra work. The prices aren't a bargain either on 80% furnaces.

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Go with a different brand of furnace. just my opinion.

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yes my meter is broke. been trying to get gas co to fix it for 6 months. last year my budget gas was 100. this year it was 65. so my true cost/use is probably closer to 110. ironic, will get new furnace and fix meter and see my gas use go up. having another salesman come out today and we will crunch the numbers using a higher gas estimate.

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carrier 80% is 5700. carrier 95 sgl stage/13 seer is 6200

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I think the extra $500 for 95% is well worth it. You can negotiate with the installer. I would ask for the 2 stage model for the same price.

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he said 58sta110 which is 110k btu 80% or 58hdx080 which is 80kbtu 95%. he started talking about HE blower motor and sgl/2stage burner and lost me. does the model 58hdx080 detail burner/motor combo? which model should i push for?

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I"m having trouble reading your post.

An 80K BTU at 95% will put out nearly the same heat as an 110K BTU at 80%. The btu rating is the input of gas, not the output. A 100K BTU furnace at 80% efficiency puts out 80K btu per hour. A100K BTU furance at 95% efficiency puts out 95K btu per hour.

I would absolutely go with 95% efficiency furnace. Having 2 stages isn't as big of a deal if your dropping in size to a more appropriate size but I would still prefer 2 stages at the correct size (probably 80K btu).

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thought salesguy said 80% base unit could be upgraded with HE premium motor? yes, elec usage is minor compared to gas consumption. carrier has 3 levels of stuff. with infinity at top? their website has much info. sometimes too much to read.

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