Rhubarb Stew

cookie8May 13, 2014

Finally, my rhubarb, which was transplanted probably 6 years ago, looks like it will produce something useful this year. I remember having rhubarb stew and loving it when I was younger. I am nervous to use it up on this and not love it now. Anyone else try it and love it or remember loving it? It might have been my younger sugar brain loving it. Not sure.

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Cookie, do you just mean stewed rhubarb?

I just cut it up and simmer it with a little sugar and a couple of tablespoons of water. I also like to add a little vanilla when it comes off the stove. It cooks down really quick. In about 15 minutes. Serve on it is own or as a topping for cake or ice cream.

I'm surprised that it took you six years to produce enough to start using. My three plants were small plants that a neighbour gave me to transplant. Basically just roots. And I was able to start pulling stalks the following year. If you pull the stalks they will keep producing all summer.


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I remember when I was 8 or so having it so the name escapes me. I just remember loving it but I also loved store bought chocolate chip cookies over homemade, pizza pops and am quite over them now (since my twenties, really). I think I will try again.
Our neighbourhood is built on fill. I have been amending the soil forever and last year I just pulled everything out and loaded the gardens with yards of soil and compost. What a difference.

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cookie, I was also going to ask you if you meant stewed rhubarb. I make it like Ann T, just some rhubarb, a little water, sugar to taste because it depends on the rhubarb, some is very sour, some not as much.

Mine took 4 years to really produce, but it wasn't all that well cared for. I bought the roots for Dad and planted them at the farm where he directed me too, but it never got weeded, watered or fertilized at all.

After a few years I started hoeing and watering when I went out to take care of the garden, but it still wasn't all that great, 6 plants produced enough rhubarb for a pie, maybe twice a year. After I started digging in compost and mulching the stuff, it did much better, producing enough to use a some for the freezer. This year it's finally getting warm enough for it to really grow, so I'm optimistic.

I plan to cut the first stalks tomorrow, so I see rhubarb pie or crisp in my immediate future.


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I picked a green garbage bag full of rhubarb today from my step-father's.

I stewed a pot full, we love it. Fresh bread and butter and a bowl of that is heaven. Over ice cream, as well.

I have the rest of the stalks in bags in the frig for muffins, crisps and pies. Can't wait to start baking!

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Two young-ish women at the grocery store recently were talking about the "red celery" and wondering what it tasted like? I smiled and said that was rhubarb, but they didn't know what rhubarb was, so I proceeded to "dish out" more information, including how to make "stewed rhubarb". My mother occasionally made it with strawberries. Serving it over ice cream was a real treat. If there was any left we ate it spread on toast for breakfast.


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I too stew my ruhbarb with alittle water and sugar.

I recently found some in a grocery store and purchased a fair amount with the intention of stewing. Just about that time AnnT posted a pic of her recent beautiful ruhbarb pie....I was torn between pie or the stew.....well stew won out! I did make a batch of dinner rolls to go with the ruhbarb, second best to a pie....... I thought I would find more and then make a pie. Still looking for more ruhbarb......

After moving to town (but just where we need to be at this time in our life tho) I find there are alot of the specialties we had to leave behind. That is where the farmers markets are so nice. Miss the country so much at times.

Love that ruhbarb!! shirl

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My grandmother used to make stewed rhubarb but I have never liked irhubarb very much. She would often add a few spoonsful of fruit jam or jelly leftover from the winter's stash as part of the sweetening while cooking it.

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"Two young-ish women at the grocery store recently were talking about the "red celery" and wondering what it tasted like?"
I thought it was considered parental neglect if you didn't throw your kid outside at some point in time, during the summer, with a bowl of sugar and piece of rhubarb? Hm, maybe I got that reversed, haha.

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cookie8- :-)

We also snacked on radishes (fresh from the garden) dipped in salt.


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LOL cookie8!

Yes to the radishes, grainlady and green onions dipped in salt.

I could never eat a tomato out of hand like an apple, but some people enjoy that.

I made rhubarb custard pie last nite, so now it's rhubarb muffins and crisp over the weekend

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