Samsung: bleach goes in during rinse!

dave1812April 16, 2012

got a tech coming to see what's up with that! LOL!

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99.9% probability it's not a malfunction. Many washers nowadays that have timed dispensers are programmed to flush chlorine bleach into the first rinse so as to not mix bleach with enzyme detergents (chlorine deactivates enzymes).

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that's what I'm trying to find out. thank you! the tech should (I HOPE) know more about the issue than samsung support, which isn't too sure about when bleach should be going in. I hope it's not a malfunction because I don't like nearly new items being torn apart needlessly to install components. again, thanks for the info.

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Samsung machines do dispense bleach during the initial water fill of the first rinse. This is to reap full benefit from the detergent (not neutralize the enzymes), as well as to ensure the bleach works on fabric that has been cleaned, and not fabric that is still soiled. Luckily, bleach works just fine in cold water; it does not have to be hot.

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The tech confirmed what you guys (or gals) said about bleaching during rinsing. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new! Thanks!

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dave1812, have you tried oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate)? I prefer it to chlorine bleach myself and no chlorine smell :)

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I rarely use bleach. We use mostly oxiclean liquid, oxiclean powder, and clorox 2. Real liquid bleach just isn't something we often need.

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