How You like this system?

TotsieAugust 16, 2012

Have been searching for someone/company to install new system..have learned alot reading comments here...They are NOT as qualified companies as I would think as big as Dallas is-most do NOT know some basic terms I have learned here, nor can they do a load's the bid I am kinda considering...4A7A5049 15 Seer Trane Condenser-AUD2C100B9V5 two stage variable gas furnace-4TXCD063BC3 coil- how does that system match up..thanks appreciate any feedback

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For what size home?

What size is existing system, both AC and furnace(efficiency)?

What thermostat quoted?

New lineset?

How bout a filter cabinet?

Post back.


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The best info I have-current unit is 15 yrs old-american Standard-we have 2 units-total sg ft 2800- we are replacing main unit- kitchen-Living- dining small den 3/4 bath area maybe 1500 sq ft with 10ft ceilingsLots of windows all have shaded overhangs with new solar screens.the current coil is 3.5 ton and outside 3 ton.. Currently the unit does struggle keeping up with the really hot days we have had here lately ( 102+)the small den 12x14 is the most uncomfortable - someone has rigged up a booster fan in the ductwork for that room-Trane xe 1000-TTR036C100-L42212C-M1331R -Honeywell Programmable these numbers is what one of estimates wrote up. We want new ductwork installed they suggested R6-we have some pretty long runs- current ductwork is lying on the rafters going every which way. Thanks sorry so long..

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So let's see. You have 3 ton condenser and going up in size by 33% to a 4 ton condenser. How was this determined? Has dealer examined your ductwork to see if it is sized for a 4 ton?

Dealer is oversizing you on furnace. Drop down to the 80K model with 4 ton rated blower.

What thermostat quoted? Should be a true two stage model.

New lineset included?

How about a filter cabinet?

And you want R8 ductwork insulation.

BTW, the XR15 AC condenser is available in a 3 1/2 ton size.

Post back.


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