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barryg1August 2, 2011

Below is the options I have - can you help me decide? I live in Boston, MA. I have a separate oil burner for heat. This is a 2.5 ton system that I am replacing. I currently have an 18 year old system central air system. Looking to replace with Trane options below.

Summary of Central Air Options:

  1. Tier 1 System (XB13) - essentially same as now - $ 5737.00. Warranty: 5 year on coil/parts; 10 yr compressor. Not eligible for Financing; not eligible for fed tax credit or energy rebate.

  2. Tier 2 System (XR15) - better efficiency, air handling - $6377.00. Warranty: 10 year on coil/parts; 10 yr compressor Not eligible for Financing; price includes tax credit and energy rebate. Credit only good in 2011 income tax.

  3. Tier 3 System (XL15i)- better efficiency, air handling - $6935.00. Warranty: 10 year on coil/parts; 12 yr compressor. Eligible for 12 month 'no interest' Financing - offer expires 8/15; price includes tax credit and rebate. Credit only good in 2011 income tax.


Using Tier 1 as a baseline....for $600 more, you get tier 2, which has 5 years more in warranty on coil/parts; better efficiency/handling. For an additional $600 more ($1200 from tier 1), get tier 3 and can get 12 month no interest financing and 2 more years warranty on the compressor. Probably same efficiency/handling as tier 2.


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First of all, I made an offer to run some fuel comparisons for you to see if a HP could be justified and pay for itself vs your fuel oil. Offer still stands.

I would not have the XB 13 system. If you go back to your first thread, you will see that I listed an XR13 AC system and it does have full 10 yr parts/compressor warranty.

If you would like informed opinion, then post the air handler mdl numbers for tier 2 and 3. This is important.

Also what is dealer including if anything on new line set and thermostat?

Post back.


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I would go with tier 2 or tier 3.

You definitly want to get the heatpump versions of this equipment. You can still use oil if you like, but only for the extra cold temperatures where the heatpump doesn't keep up as well and isn't comfy.

Heating with oil is a last resort. Heating with oil is expensive and heating with a heatpump is cheap in comparison (even with pricey electricity with current oil prices $90+ per barrell).

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here are the AC systems I would consider.

4150876 Active Systems XR13 TRANE 4TTR3030D1 GAM5A0B30M21 31200 12.00 14.50 1

4150908 Active Systems XR15 TRANE 4TTR5030E1 GAM5A0B30M21 30000 13.50 16.00 1

No substitution on this high eff air handler.

If you can get a reasonable upgrade to the HP version of the XR13 and XR15, I would expect a quick payback to justify the cost against fuel oil.

Again, I offered to run some fuel comparison numbers for you.


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Thanks - I am not going with a HP, as we lived with one for 8 years in previous residence and family is quite adverse to forced hot air blowing (as opposed to the baseboard of our furnance - willing to pay the cost). That said, I do need A/C - and now that we are almost mid-August and I have tried to keep the cooling temp high...are system is still going (ie Freon has not run out yet)...so we are thinking if we roll the dice and can get through the next few weeks - again we are in Boston - we can wait until Spring...and I hear the rebates and financing deal are usually better than? I imagine we would install in May or something? Thoughts?

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Fall and spring are the best times to do replacements. The prices are a little better and you are not dealing with crews which are working overtime to keep up with emergency installations. Carrier usually runs their rebates during those seasons.

Do you have access to natural gas? If so you should consider converting your oil burner. It would probably pay for itself in 3-4 years.

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