Chosing a backsplash with black granite counters

rocketmomkdJanuary 16, 2012

I'm hoping to see some pics of what others have chosen. I am going with a medium stained maple cabinet, shaker style and probably black pearl granite counters. I'm having trouble picking a backsplash- the designer says my choices so far are too cool to transition from the warm cabinets to the black granite. My flooring is going to be porceline tile in the medium gray range with little variation, if that helps with suggesting a style of backsplash.Can anyone show me what they've done?

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I have medium stained maple cabs with black granite counters. My tile is porcelain as well, however it is a travertine color. I am changing this backsplash that you see in the picture. I will be going with a glass subway tile, 3x6 in size, mostly white with some black and green tiles throughout. My eat-in dining area is part of my kitchen and I feel the need to pull some white over to the kitchen side.

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I'm no designer and am just beginning to put together ideas for a modest redo of our kitchen. I'm also planning on a black countertop. I've ordered some samples of honed marble with grey veining, thinking it would tie in with my grey floor and black/dark grey countertop. I like the idea of keeping the permanent things more neutral and then adding pops of color with accessories. Also, I tend to get tired of certain colors after a while, and I like having the abilty to change my accent colors whenever I want.

I'm sure others with more experience/expertise will have a variety of ideas for you to consider.

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My black pearl granite has a lot of warm tones in it (gold flecks etc) and my cabinets are a glazed white. But it's tremendously hard to find a tile that works for me because cool just look wrong, because our granite isn't cool.

So, while I don't have suggestions, I feel your pain.

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The name of our house is "A Pirates Life", so of course we chose the Black Pearl granite !! Our cabinets are cherry with a chestnut stain. We are going with Fire & Ice as our backsplash, so our look will be very similar to jodi_in_so_calif (top picture). Here are a few different looks with the same Fire & Ice tile (some substituted different color glass pieces, some enhanced the tile others did not) ...

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angela- thanks for those pics! I googled black pearl granite and saw your kitchen- saved it to show my husband! It is gorgeous. I'm still looking...I can go without a backsplash until I find the right one. I love hearing everyones suggestions.

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I feel your pain!! I posted here a few times agonizing over backsplash tiles. I finally ordered yesterday. My kitchen is very similar to yours....medium stained shaker cabs in maple, beige, gray tile floor and black (titanium) granite. After weeks of trying to make glass tiles work...I gave up. The fingerprints on the samples drove me crazy...and it just came off looking too modern for my kitchen. I went with Sonoma 3x6 ceramic subways in twine and did a design over my stove with 4x4's and some tantrum glass. Very excited...and nervous to see how it looks. Should be in a couple weeks! I can post pictures if you want to wait!

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lisa- i'd love to see the pics when your backsplash is finished. I'm really in love with glass tiles and hope to find one that will work with my design. I'm going for a modern look- that's the great thing about shaker style cabinets, you can really take them either way.

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LOL, I didn't even realize I had any finished pictures out there other than on the rental company website. Backsplash is one of the last visible things we have left to do in the kitchen. Then I can come back here for 'the reveal'. : )

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heres what we chose

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Here is my little kitchen with backsplash - a light tannish carrara marble and my mostly black soapstone. My floors a a dark slate-ish green click together laminate.

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Sorry, I forgot to add my picture. BTY my cabinets are a honey stained cherry and have a coffee glaze that is picked up in the detailing on the stiles and rails. They are about 7 months old now:

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Our cabs are cherry, with a watered-down Harvest Gold stain (stain was so faint when the cabs were delivered, they looked "naked"), our granite is Labrador Golden Flake--a soft black with silver and bronze pearling (mica).

We used a white (back painted) glass tile mosaic for our backsplash:

*FYI: our glass tile is NOT low-iron glass, so it reads bluish-green at different times of day, in different lighting, and areas of the kitchen.

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cat mom- that is absolutely gorgeous! We are also going for a contemporary look. I love the glass tile on the vertical. Your pics are going in my file!!

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Thank you! Our tile is from Artistic Tile, but I've seen very similar tile (maybe even the same?) from other manufacturers/distributors as well.

We love it (still), too!

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Here are a few more. I love the fire N Ice above and
CatMom, I adore your kitchen!!!

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Here's the one we used with our soapstone. Its a slate corinth from The Tile Shop. If you used an enhancing sealer, the colors would be intensified.

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I went with a "paver tile". It's like a fake brick. It came in a few colors.
I picked the softer brownish red rather than the traditional brick red.

I have Black Galaxy counters, Absolute Black sink. A small Black Galaxy backsplash behind the sink and stove.
I've had it for about 5 weeks now, and love it all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen and backsplash

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We had black pearl granite installed this past July with white beveled subway tiles for the backsplash.

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All great suggestions! Boxerpups - Your images are very helpful, thank you. Do you mind my asking where you got the photo you posted at the link below? (I'd like to know what countertop material that is, and where I can get that same backsplash. This is exactly what I want to do with my kitchen. Thanks again!)ät=e51b22e4.jpg

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cat_mom, I absolutely love that backsplash tile in your kitchen and am having a hard time tracking it down. Do you happen to remember the name of it? Is it considered linear mosaic tile? Thanks for any info.

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Was scrolling down and something made me open this old thread. :)

The tile is from Artistic Tile; Stilato Opera Glass mosaic in Wofgang White which was the whitest color available at the time (it was purchased and installed in 2007, so I can't vouch for its availability).

(Edited to add color name--I knew it had something to do with Mozart! LOL)

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Thank you cat_mom! I found it on their website now:

Wolfgang White Gloss And Satin Mix Stilato Linear Mosaic

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That's it!

We still love it almost 8 years after it was installed!

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