fyi central ac vs wall unit electric use

over40August 20, 2014

We live in SW FL. Hot/humid summers
We have been living with a 16000 BTU wall unit in our livingroom, for 8 years. It's only a 860 sf house, that has awning windows that don't seal great, but we love them because we can leave them open when it's raining, when not using ac
Running wall unit 24/7 was $128 - $175/mo.
We used fans to circulate air a bit, and tried to ignore the noise it made.
We finally installed a 2 ton 16 seer split system. Basic system. Nothing fancy.
Now it's quiet, and the whole house is comfortable without fans.
Last year vs this year elec cost.
July 2013 $143 2014 $102
Aug 2014 $160 2014 $116
About 28% savings !!

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Good investment that pays for itself in comfort and lower utilities cant beat that, cheers on the new system.

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Window/wall units may cost more to run compared to a central system depending on some factors that are involved:

1) The efficiency rating of the window/wall unit vs. a central system.

2) Where the window/wall unit(s) are installed regards to getting the cooled air evenly distributed throughout the living area.

2) People tend to overcool with window/wall units by setting the thermostats much cooler than necessary ... I've seen many of them set on the maximum cool setting, which typically targets a room temperature toward 60ðF.

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