Tide OXI (multi-purpose stain remover)

vetwife1998April 28, 2014

Have any of you tried this?

I just purchased from Target the other day because the 7.12# (114 oz) container was marked down, and there was an attached coupon. I've only used in one load of towels so far, so too soon to tell. However, I was pleased that (with the sale/coupon), it was significantly better price-wise than Oxi Clean.

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The active ingredient in so-called oxygen bleaches is sodium percarbonate, which effectively is anhydrous hydrogen peroxide: add sodium percarbonate to water, and the resulting solution will be hydrogen peroxide, like the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution you buy in brown opaque bottles at the drug store.

Ecover laundry bleach powder (which seems to have been withdrawn from the United States market) is >95% pure sodium percarbonate, and you can purchase reagent grade sodium percarbonate from a variety of brick and mortar and on-line sources. Bulk purchase of "pure" sodium percarbonate is the most economical method to purchase oxygen laundry bleach. (Because sodium percarbonate is hygroscopic -- that is, it absorbs water from the atmosphere -- 100% pure sodium percarbonate exists only in controlled conditions in a laboratory.)

Church & Dwight is not required to disclose the concentration of sodium percarbonate in Oxiclean, and has chosen not to reveal the percentage in its data sheets, but some have estimated it to be in the 30 to 35 percent range; the remainder of Oxiclean is essentially bulk filler composed mainly of washing soda. I expect the concentration of the active ingredient in Tide OXI to be similar, but it may be either higher or lower.

Without knowing the relative concentrations of the active ingredient sodium percarbonate in either Tide OXI or in the various different formulations of Oxiclean, there is insufficient data precisely to compare the relative value of the products.

Here is a link that might be useful: Church & Dwight MSDS documents

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