Rheem unit not working after hurricane

tomwellsjrAugust 29, 2011

My power was off for 2 days due to the hurricane. I have 2 13 year old rheum 10 seer units. One works fine, the other will not come on. Both circuits are on, but there seems to be no power to the downstairs unit. I've tried to turn on the fan, heat and emergency heat with no response. Is there a fuse on the unit under the house that could have blown, or could there be a problem with my 13 year old honeywell thermostat?

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Try turning the thermostat's fan setting to "On". If the blower doesn't come on, you probably dont have power to the indoor unit. Could be a thrown breaker or a blown transformer (yes...a/c's have small transformers).I'm not 100% sure on that old of a model but most of the newer units have a small 4 or 5 amp fuse on a small circuit board on the inside air handler. That could be popped, in which case, would need to be replaced.

Hope that helps

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Power surges when restoring the grid can play havoc. De-power all systems for several minutes before turning back on. I know thiss sounds stupid, but I once had a unit that would do this and that is how I got it working aqain.

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