whirlpool cabrio washer wtw6200sw-water leaking!!

ellen888April 27, 2007

I need help please!!!

I bought a Whirlpool cabrio washer WTW6200SW (Top Load with Agitator) on Apr 25/07 which has a built in sensor that detects whether the load of laundry is unbalanced. Whenever unbalanced load error message code (UL) comes up, I redistribute the load to rebalance it, then continue the cycle. However afterwards I noticed that there is a puddle of water under the washing machine which is coming from either the back or front corner of the machine. This has happened twice already and only occurs with unbalanced loads. Is this a design flaw as when I called the dealer they replaced my machine (rather than fix it) and the same problem occurred with unbalanced load. Water is not enough to cause a flood but it seems like a slow drip from the corners of the washer. However this problem does not occur with balanced loads. I was washing blankets when the UL code came up, and both times the washer leaked water. I am just wondering if during the "vibrating" motions water leaks out of the drum to the sides of the washer and down the floor??? Even the technicians are puzzled by this problem as 90% of the time there is no leak. I have established that this is directly related to the unbalanced load problem.......Since this problem occurred in 2 brand new machines, this could be a design flaw? (P.S. A friend of mine bought a whirlpool cabrio washer model WTW6600SW - Top Load) and experienced the same problem...she is also waiting to hear from Whirlpool!!!!!!MANY THANKS!!!

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Ellen888..I had a leaking issue with my 1st Cabrio before it was replaced. Does your model number end in an SW, SW0, SW1, or SW2? If all us Cabrio owners put our heads together we may get an answer to this "leaks at the corner" issue. Like I stated in a previous post, my new Cabrio hasn't leaked yet, but I have the feeling it's not a question of will it leak, but rather a question of when it will leak. It is very frustrating when a company that designed a product can't even figure out what the problem is. Welcome to the future I guess. BTW, for some reason I still enjoy the machine & would recommend it to others...go figure.

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hello stubaby---yes my model number ends in SW0. Actual model number is WTW6200SW0. A service technician is coming this weekend to diagnose the problem and hopefully resolve it....I love it otherwise due to the large capacity and the different options. And clothes come out really clean and almost dry....anyway will keep everyone posted once we figure out the cause........i would hate to get a third washer in a matter of one week...but it may come to that if they can't fix the problem....i believe that it is a design flaw but will let you know.......

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You said you bought the washer in April 2007, yet you have a machine that has an engineering change level of 0. As of April 2007 the Cabrio has been through 2 levels of engineering changes, SW2, since your SW0 was manufactured. Looks like you have old stock. If you give me the serial number I can tell you when your machine was manufactured. Disclaimer: I am not a Whirlpool salesman, Whirlpool employee, or service tech. I'm just a normal consumer that owns a Cabrio.

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Ellen888: My previous post was in error. I was citing engineering change data concerning model 6600 (the one I own) vs the model 6200 that you own. Sorry for the error.

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Ellen888: I checked and it appears that the 6200 is already on at least engineering change level 1, vs 0 for your machine. I can still attempt to get the date of manufacture if you supply the serial number.

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I have a Cabrio 6600SW2 and I have not had a leak problem in the month and a half that I have owned it. I have only had the UL code one time when I was washing pillows.

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Hi Stubaby...so sorry...I gave you the wrong model number. My washer is actually WTW6200SW1 (I confused this with the dryer which ends in SW0). I used the washer tonight and so far so good...no leaks...however I plan to wash my big comforter on sunday so I will be watching for UL error code and potential leaks. Maybe I can recreate this scenario as the service technician is planning to come on that day........will keep you posted. If it happens again and they are unable to repair it I will get rid of the machine and get a different brand!!! Thanks for researching...if you want the serial number I will get it for you.........but let's wait and see what the service tech says.

Hi Jcrowley99...I told my friend that you have never had a problem with 6600SW2 and she said that she must have received a "lemon" as hers leaks each time she has a UL code...she is also waiting for an answer!!! Thanks for the info though...

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I'm wondering why some people seem to have more problems with getting the UL code. I have only had it once, and I will fully admit it was my fault. (My husband would say user error!) I put 2 mismatched pillows in, one old one that soaks up water and a newer one with a very dense 400 count cotton cover. Obviously that will never balance on its own. Maybe the issue has to do with how the machine balances? Or if it is properly leveled? Just throwing out ideas for people to chew on. There is obviously some connection here between the UL's and the leaks - maybe we can figure out something even if the techs can't.

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I was surfing the net and read reviews on the cabrios and the common complaints were the UL and LF (long filling) codes. In one case there was actually a problem with the sensor pads and had to be replaced as it was incorrectly detecting an unbalanced load. However there was no mention of any connection to water leaking. Both times I got this error was when I was washing my quilt blankets - in one case part of the blanket got caught under the agitator and caused the washer to vibrate. The second time the blanket got pushed to one side only and this caused the sensor to detect the unbalanced load. With my old Maytag machine these never happened so could be the new washers are a lot more sensitive....However I am not so concerned with the UL code but more on the water leaking, as clearly when the washer vibrates water spiils out, and I don't know from where as for this to happen the water level has to be pretty high...........

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The way the Cabrio fills with water is with a spray outlet directed into the rear of the wash tub. This spray outlet isn't attached to the wash tub, it's fixed to the underside of the top, so if the wash tub moves around a lot while its filling, maybe it can move out from under the spray outlet and let water splash onto the floor.

However, if this happens it's probably due to a large single unbalance like ellen888's quilt blanket collecting all on one side, and I'm guessing that this happens because the wash tub is very large compared to the size of the blanket. If this is the case, maybe adding one or two towels in with the blanket to help spread the load all around the edges of the wash tub will help.

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The way the Cabrio fills with water is with a spray outlet directed into the rear of the wash tub.Not always. Unless I'm wrong, like several other Whirlpool & Kenmore toploaders the Cabrio (and Oasis) have flush-dispensers arranged around the top inside the lid opening. At appropriate times, fresh water fill flushes through the dispenser cups and flows down into funnels/openings in the top of the tub. Weight of the water causes the tub to sink lower in the cabinet, which increases the space between the dispenser cup and tub, which allows more potential for splashing as the water cascades down. I don't know if the Cabrio/Oasis do so, but my Calypso rotates the clothes/basket at 60 RPM sometimes during fill period. If the load is off-balance enough to cause oscillation even at that slow RPM, that also contributes to potential mis-aim of the water flow and potential splashing.

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Dadoes - that sounds like how the Cabrio works, from what I have read and seen. At different times in the cycle the water sprays in through the detergent, bleach, or softener dispenser, and the basket is usually moving as it does. If the leaks are caused by it not lining up properly, then if the unbalanced loads can be eliminated that could solve the leak problem. Did everyone follow the leveling instructions and level side to side, front to back, and diagonally across the top? If the machine is higher on the side diagonally opposite the leak could that contribute? Maybe some way can be found to better balance loads that tend to unbalance. Perhaps washer mans idea about using towels for ballast can help with that. Personally, after the first pillow problem, I watch for the machine to hit the final spin. When it does, I just place the pillow diagonally over the bottom of the machine (in an X) and restart the spin. This seems to work fine, and the filling which gets spun out to the edges of the pillows redistributes in the dryer. I have to say I have never used a machine that does not have a problem balancing pillows, probably made worse by the fact that everyone in my house likes a different type of pillow.

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Many thanks to everyone for your recommendations and explanations as to how the unbalanced load can cause the water to leak. I will make sure to be especially vigilant about balancing the loads to prevent water spillage...I guess I was used to my old Maytag washer that did not have all the bells and whistles that the Cabrio has, and spins at a much lower speed.

I just washed my queen size comforter and ensured that the load is perfectly balanced,,,,,,,,and I am happy to report that there was no UL code and no leaks!!! However as my washine is under warranty a service tech is scheduled to check it out to ensure nothing is wrong with it. Might as well make use of my warranty as long as I have it.

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Does the Agitator-Type Cabrio have those kind of dispensers? I was thinking the one I saw has a bleach dispenser,fabric softener dispenser on the agitator,and no detergent dispenser. I could be wrong.

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My top load cabrio has an agitator and 3 types of dispensers - detergent, bleach and fabric softener. It also requires an HE (high efficiency) type detergent only as using a non-HE will cause "over sudsing".
By the way, I also noticed that with the way the this washer is designed, when I use hot water and the steam causes the condensation to form, some of this condensation or moisture leaks out from under the lid of the washer onto the floor as the top surface area of the washer (under the lid) is not recessed so moisture can seep from underneath the lid. Not a problem but more of a design flaw...

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"water level has to be pretty high"

You can override the lid switch with a bunch of magnets attached to the top front of the washer - near the lock mechanism. There are several videos on YouTube showing the Oasis (without AGI) washing and spinning with the lid open.

Here's a vid by Jason showing how to attach the magnets to view the washing cycle (and see where leaks could be coming from):


HTH, Alex

Here is a link that might be useful: Here are the vids by Jon

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Ellen, do you have the solid lid or glass lid. My washer with the glass lid and wash plate has a gasket (I guess that's what it would be called) that runs the length of the lid and hits a couple inches from the end of the machine. I never noticed it before since I have not looked at the under side of the lid much. I guess it is to prevent water that gets on the lid from leaking down the front of the machine. With the glass lid I noticed how much condensation forms on the lid during a hot wash, you can't even see into the machine once it starts filling!

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My washer has a solid lid, and water from condensation actually trickles down from under the lid.....I washed 2 large comforters today and did not have any problems...so as long as I balance the load evenly there should not be any water leaks. I try to minimize the use of hot water to avoid too much condensation...however I do have a technician coming to look at the washer so I will ask him all these questions........thanks!!

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Hi Everyone,

Well we had our first leaking episode the other night. I had a large load of jeans in the Cabrio agi. I don't know if the machine experienced a UL because I went in the laundry room after the whole cycle was done. We found quite a bit of water under the machine. And there was even water splashed up onto the side of the dryer? Which we cannot fathom.

We ran 4 other loads after cleaning the mess. No leaks.

How does this happen?
I really don't want to wait around for a service call when I am pretty sure it won't leak while the guy is here.

Any suggestions?

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