Please help! Advice on venting gas clothes dryer

foodfiend_gardenerApril 1, 2012

We have 3 (well,2, option #3 is a bit "out there") options for venting our gas clothes dryer. Can anyone please advise which may be the best one?

1. Go out the back of the dryer, a 90-degree turn straight up 8' through the roof.

2. Out of the back, a 90-dgeree turn up 4',another 90- degree turn, then a 9' horizontal run to go through an outside wall.

3. Go out the back,a 45-degree turn down to the floor (run of about 4'), then 4 45-degree turns, along a 14' horizontal run out to the outside wall.

The question basically is, will the venting work better to come out of the dryer at 90-degrees and go up 8', or is it better to not vent vertically and go mostly horizontally even with a bunch of turns in the ducting?

Our contractor is an idiot (sorry, it's me who is "venting" now...) :(

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Fewer turns is better. Every turn/bend is equivalent to several feet of linear distance. Choice #1 is least turns and shortest distance. Be aware that the ducting should be cleaned of accumulated lint on a regular basis (once or twice per year), and #1 probably lends itself better to cleaning as well, other than the roof outlet being involved.

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Thanks for the info. :) I am worried that lint will fall down and accumulate in the elbow, but I guess that I would just make it a point to clean the ducting a couple of times a year. Would I have to go on the roof to clean the outlet as well? It's not a huge problem, since it's only 1 level, but I am getting older (that breaking-a-hip issue...).

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