What kitchen tool/equipment will cut meat into cubes?

ms_minnamouseMay 17, 2013

I'm not taking about a knife...

Is there something that I can feed pieces of boneless meat into and it'll cut it into small, uniform cubes for me?

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what size cubes?


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The best piece of "equipment" you have in the kitchen is a good, sharp knife. I know of no gadget that will cube meat.

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I agree with Peppi, the best piece of equipment you could own would be a good knife.

I also know of no gadgets that will cut meat into cubes mechanically, I just use a knife. Unless I wanted to cube a LOT of meat regularly, I think I'd probably still just use a knife.


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Even if you use something like a vegetable chopper (like a "Veg-o-matic" or something) you still can't avoid slicing it first. I guess you could use a meat slicer to get the initial slices then try to hack it with a chopper with a disk. I don't know if you'll get any better results though.

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I asked about size of cubes. For cubes smaller than 1/2" you can try a tool linked below.

For cubes bigger, you will need a butcher's band saw. Using the saw's rip fence and freeze the meat, you can make cubes of any size.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cutter

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dcarch, I have one of those, it won't cut meat, even partially frozen. Thawed it's too soft and pliable, partially frozen it sticks, completely frozen it won't go through. I even tried oiling the cutters.

I tried it on chicken too, for chicken strips. No go.

A band saw isn't exactly kitchen equipment, LOL, although I do have one out at the farm that was used for cutting up deer.


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I do want to cube a lot of meat regularly. About 1/2" square pieces.

I use my deli slicer to slice the meat and then used one of those veggie grid things that I make french fries with but it won't cut most meats.

I don't understand how a band saw will get me cubes better than a knife would? I guess I could try the meat frozen and use an electric knife but I still don't think it'll work that well. I think thin pieces of meat will just thaw too quickly to make this a viable option.

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The problem with a French Fry cutter machine is that the blades are not sharp. If you can find a way to sharpen the blades that may work.

A band saw has an attachment called the rip fence, it sets the exact thickness for your cuts.

An electric knife will not cut frozen meat well.

This machine (link below) will do 1/2 cuts, if you can afford one.


Here is a link that might be useful: slicer

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Does it cube or just slice?

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An inexpensive chopper will work but also time consuming to get to that point. You would need to prep and cut the correct thickness/size, then lay out flat on a cookie sheet and partially freeze, a firm freeze, but not hard. I've done it...after watching a chili cook-off and they swore by small cubed meat. If doing other things in the kitchen, not such a big deal, but i just didn't like that style of chili. (i use my meat grinder and run it through once for chili meat and double grind for hamburgers).
The one i'm linking is not the one i used but similar. I ended up match-sticking first, then layed back across and pushing through again. It worked and was speedy but felt overkill when my knife skills are above average.
Now it would be handy if you have a kitchen helper, say a friend with zero knife skills and is rather useless, lol, that style push slicer is idiot proof.

Here is a link that might be useful: chopper

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Are you making pet food? I buy boneless/skinless chicken and run it through an older model Cuisinart food processor, using the slicing attachment. Doesn't make cubes, but I don't have time to hand chop cubes. For the dogs, I run it through once. For the cats, I run it through twice. Only problem is that you have to wash it immediately or it's hard to clean, and there are parts of the processor (handle) that don't get clean. I'm actually trying to find a better method, bc I know the cubes are better for their teeth. In the meantime, I give the dogs raw chicken or turkey necks and backs. Attached is a video, chicken slicing is at about 6:35.

Here is a link that might be useful: Using Food Processor to

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