What to do with cooked Top Round Steak \London Broil?

caflowerluverMay 20, 2008

DH picked it up Sunday to cook on the grill. I told him that I thought it was not a good cut for the grill without marinading, but he did it anyway. It came out tough and chewy so what do I do with the leftovers? There is enough for a whole another meal there.



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Cut it into as thin slices as you can....think like shaved, cut on the "cross grain".
Then you could warm it in BBQ sauce and use it for sandwiches, or put it on a griddle with a big bunch of onions you are frying in oil ( also on that griddle/grill) and some peppers and put it into a bun and call it Philly Cheese Steak....after you top it with a slice of mozzerella....
Or cut it up and put it into a Dutch oven with some dark beer ( or red wine) a sliced onion a clove of crushed garlic, 5 or 6 carrots and some red potatoes....
Cover and simmer about 1 1/2 hours....call it stew!
Linda C

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Chili or simmered in BBQ sauce...any way....simmered FOREVER. LOL

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Linda C & terri_pacnw - Thanks for the ideas. I thought I would have to do something like that to make it more palatable. How about Beef Stroganoff, or would that not cook it enough to make it tender?

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I've made stroganoff, scampi, and stir fry from leftover london broil. But we cook our LB only to med rare so it's no stretch to use it for other recipes. If you cook an LB to med or more, sandwiches might be the best course for leftovers.

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I like cold steak. Slice as thin as you can, sprinkle with S&P and serve over a salad, or do a Thai-style beef salad, or make sandwiches. If the meat's too tough for that, I'd do what Linda suggests.

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Thanks for the suggestions sands99 & gina_w. I think I am going to try the stroganoff. Everyone likes that.

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I have everything in the linked recipe except the dark sweet soy sauce. Quick talk me OUT of mixing sugar into regular soy...

Here is a link that might be useful: thai beef salad

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Because it's so tough, it does work well chopped up in a food processor. I like a coarse chop, not minced, then mixed with mayo for a cracker spread. It is also good chopped used in quesadillas or other Mexican recipes.
A hand chop does not work as well as a fp.

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Clair, you won't like it in stroganoff....it will need longer cooking that you can do with a stroganoff.

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actually Claire, I'm going to disagree with LindaC.
If you simmer it in broth for a while before going further with it, I think it would be fine.
I'd simmer it in some beef broth/stock, fresh garlic and a bit of onion, check after 30-40 minutes, and see how it feels in your mouth. If it feels like it's breaking down start going on with the stroganoff, if not give it some more simmer time. I like to make my stroganoff, off the cuff anyway, and actually start it like I do smothered chops. Browned meat, simmered covered in broth for a while, then removed, make a milk gravy then add the chops (meat) back, cover and simmer until I'm done with the sides..sometimes I have 2 hours, so times I have 40 minutes. Either way it works.

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see how it feels in your mouth

I think you need to put 'your' in caps


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You've got lots of good suggestions as to what to do with your cooked steak, however here are a couple of good websites that might be helpful, should you want to try again!


Here is a link that might be useful: London Broil Steak

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I fear that boiling it in any liquid will only make it seize up even more. Even when I use prime rib, sliced paper thin for many dishes, if it is overcooked it gets tough as leather. LB, IMHO, will only be worse. How about trying to hand-shred it, fine chop it up so-to-speak and put in BBQ sauce, warm it up and then put on a sesame hamb. bun? I bought LB once and never again. If it's just slightly beyond med. rare, it's tough. I've just never cared for it.

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Sorry I haven't checked back lately. Thanks for all the suggestions. Shoot me, but I am going to try it in the stroganoff tonight. It is rare to medium rare so maybe can take a little more cooking. I will let you know how it turned out.

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Actually, it came out fine. I simmered it in the wine for awhile first before adding it to the sauteed onions and mushrooms. It did not come out tough or chewy but seemed to no worse, or maybe better, then before.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions and tips and the link.

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