Any future prospect for Miele 500 series?

kaismomApril 11, 2011

Hi all,

my beloved Asko has DIED! I think the motor is dead and it is 11 years old. Cannot be rescued. I decided that I do not have enough depth for a larger Miele which is 8 inches deeper than the smaller Euro model. I have the width but not the depth! I simply do not want to devote that much of my room to the washing machine.

I would like to get the new European 5000 series that is using the same foot print as the other Euro models. Does anyone know if Miele is thinking of introducing these to North America?

For now, i am going to try to find a used Asko to slide into the existing space and wait out until the newer 5000 Miele series is available....


Here is a link that might be useful: Miele 5000 series

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Are you positive the motor is bad? It might just need
new brushes. I replaced the brushes on my 16 year old asko
last year, cost was 20.00 and about 20 minutes of time.

When the brushes are worn the motor will not run, I have seen several cases where the owner was told the motor was
bad and all it needed were new motor brushes.

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how can you tell it is the brush versus motor? My husband took the motor out and he wants to take it to the motor repair shop to test it.


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We took out the motor. The brushes are completely warn. New brushes cost $40 each, not $20. Need 2 brushes. New motor cost $190 from Asko.
Ordered a new motor. The difference was not worth it.
Will see how this experiment works.

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