What size/how useful is your laundry room sink?

Madeline616April 6, 2012


Can you tell me how large your utility sink is, whether it's self-rimming or undermount, and for those with smaller sinks, if you still find them useful?

I'm trying to make a 6'3" x 10'6" laundry room layout, with a pocket door, work and trying to maximize counter space.


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My sink (inside dimensions) is 16 X 21 X 10" deep.
I use it all the time for soaking clothes. In the winter I use it to wash out painting supplies. In the summer, I have a utility sink in the garage I use for painting supplies.
My laundry is not connected to my kitchen so I'd have to walk quite a distance to a water supply.
I would not want a laundry without it.
my sink is a self rimming stainless steel sink

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I got the CorStone Westerly. The other models, with a bit of drainboard, would have been useful, but I didn't want to give up the counter space, and I will not use the sink that much anyway. I'm just remodeling, so haven't used it yet. They come in a lot of colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry sinks

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Thanks, Chlow and Atto. This is very helpful information.

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I have a Kraus stainless undermount sink 16 x 21 x 9 deep. It's mounted into black pearl granite. But for 14 years I had an overmount stainless sink mounted into laminate. I use my sink in the laundry room as much as the one in the kitchen. The laundry room is just off of my kitchen so I have easy access to it and use it constantly during the day. The dog bowls are in there and it's so easy to fill up their water bowl! I honestly use it so much I would hate to give it up. Use it for all sorts of cleanup of things I wouldn't want to use the kitchen sink for.

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I have always had a laundry sink and wouldn't want to give it up. My laundry room is just off of the kitchen. With my remodel I am going to a single bowl silgranit undermount sink in the kitchen. The cabinet is fairly small so my sink will only be 22x18x9". I am going to make the laundry sink as large as possible--a single stainless bowl that is 12 inches deep. Since I would like to have the option to use this as a kitchen backup for large things like roasting pans I am going to have my old garbage disposal installed in it for food cleanup purposes.

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I have a standard, builder grade plastic laundry sink in my very small (6x10) laundry room. Frankly, I'd rather have the countertop space than the sink. The sink just collects stuff. I don't have to soak clothes very often; I have a FL Samsung that cleans the clothes so well, I don't have to presoak.

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I don't have one and so I use the bathroom sink that's next to the laundry area. That works fine, though it would be nice to have one that's slightly deeper and bigger than the bathroom one. I also don't soak clothes, but I do handwash some items and so that's what it gets used for.

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