Can I use my washer electric hookup for the dryer

asrwcApril 7, 2013

Hi everyone,

Newbie poster here - though I've been reading posts for a while and found this forum very helpful.

Just purchased my first home - there are hookups in the garage for a washer and dryer. I believe the previous owners had a gas dryer b/c there is a gas hookup provided.

There is an electrical outlet closer to the washer slot. How do I know if I can use this for an electric dryer? I know that electric dryers are 240V while the washers are 120V. Is there an easy way for me to figure out whether I can use this outlet for an electric dryer or does an electrician need to look at it?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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If the electrical outlet has the typical three holes of any other outlet in your house it's a 120 volt outlet.

An electrical dryer outlet is has a different receptacle setup.
It's usually a dedicated line for the dryer (or electric range) that goes straight to the electrical panel and requires two 120 volt hook ups (from electrical panel to outlet).

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