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paulsmAugust 6, 2011

I have an armstrong unit which was purchased in 1997 so it is about 14 years old. What would be your guess as to an acceptable life span.

My guess is that 14 years is way too short.


No one responded to my previous post so here again is what info I have on the unit at this time.

Packaged Furnace - gas a/c

64hwc242a - gb

Direct vent forced air unit with cooling unit type msp

Do I call this unit an HVAC type with no heat pump...

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Do you have a split type unit? A compressor a/c box outside and a furnace/a/c unit in the house?

Are you talking about the life expectancy of the entire system, or just the a/c or furnace?

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Everything is contained in one large box inside the unit. There is a hole in the brick wall behind the box and I assume that it is the a/c part that extends out through this hole.

I assume that both the furnace and a/c parts use the same duct system that goes through the whole house. Other than that does the furnace and a/c work independent of each other. In other words could I replace either the furnace or the a/c without having to replace the whole box.

As to life expectancy it would helpful to know what it should be for each.

I assume that if the duct system requirements remain the same that this part never needs to be replaced perhaps just cleaned or something.

Thanks for your response

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What you have is called a package unit. The old pros use to call this a gaspak, combination AC with gas heat.

Depending on location(non coastal), quality of unit, and routine PMs, average life between 15-20 years.

Not certain about that mdl number. May be a 2 ton or 3 1/2 ton model. What size is your home?


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I've seen these in old victorian style homes that have been renovated. A friend of mine in Galeston, Texas has one that has been doing fine for 12 years, pretty good considering he's in a high salt air environment.
I have seen fins on room air conditioners just fall off from exposure to salt air after a few years. It's a brutal environment.

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Our unit is a greystone converted to condo units. We have about 1200 sq ft.

I need to recheck the info on the label. I will try to do that tonight. My location is Chicago...brutal winter this year.

Is the a/c unit and furnace independent of each other... can I replace one or the other at any given time.

Do they still make this type unit anymore.


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Package systems are quite common.

On heating, max eff even on today's newer mdls are only 80% efficient. I doubt if your system is that high.

Since you live in a converted graystone that has been carved up into condos, there may be restrictions on high eff condensing furnaces in a split system as well as space considerations. Your bldg authority would be able to guide you on this.

Usually if the AC or furnace fails in a package system, you just replace
the complete system.


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I checked the label on another unit we own...same space size etc. The model number is 64hwc244a-2a. I also checked the label on my neighbors unit (we share the same furnace room). His model number is 64hwc244a-1A.

I just want clear up a couple of things. Is it correct that there is no heat pump in this system. Also am I correct in referring to this system as a hvac unit.


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