Replacing A/C System

javert8817August 5, 2014

Wanted to know if the price quoted is correct ballpark for Bergen County, NJ.
We had a very old A/C system (which never cooled that well anyway) go kaput. We had a reputable company come out (neighbor uses, "A" on Angie's List for several years). summary: ran tests, detrmined the coil was no good. Because of all the labor to replace the coil in the attic, also going to do a new blower. Current system 5 ton, they detrmined we only need 4 tons. Due to age of outdoor part, and need to match the tonnage, we are opting to do a complete job.:
** Lennox XC16 Elite two-stage, 4 ton, 16 SEER
** Lennox CBX32 variable speed air handler, Signature Series
** emergency drain pan with switch/float
** outdoor unit pad
** Lennox MERV10 master filter and housing
** Programmable comfort controller thermostat
** 2 year labor guarantee by company (plus, of course, lennox 10-year parts warranty)


Price sound reasonable?

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Well it is NJ. But just for AC, I think the price is absurd.

How do you heat and with what fuel?

Post back.


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Our heating is baseboard, so is not related to the a/c installation

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That price is high even for NJ.

You didn't answer the fuel question. If it is oil, then you may want to consider a heat pump.

Are they changing the line set? What model thermostat.

Get some more quotes. You should be able to get better equipment at a lower price.

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The heat is not tied into the system.
The thermostat is Comfort Sense 7000
I don't know what a " line set" is. I see on the quote they list "flushing and reconnect existing (something) lines".. I don't know if that is related.

When you say "better equipment...what do you mean? We were led to believe this is excellent equipment. Which equipment do you recommend?

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line set = the set of copper lines containing refrigerant that run from the outdoor condenser the indoor evaporator coil (blower).

If you're using oil to run the boiler and baseboard heaters, then a HP would be a good idea. Should cut down on your overall costs.

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You still have not answered the question.

"How do you heat and with what fuel?"

If your fuel is oil or propane and you have reasonable electric rate, you should be looking at a high eff HP to leverage against more expensive fuel for boiler.


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Sounds high to me, and they are using old line sets.
Being an ex. Bergen County resident, I have a question. How many months do you use the AC?
Nut sure I would spsnr the extra on 2 stage, variable speed a/h, etc. Payback would be a long time.
I would just get a decent 16 seer system and be happy.
I would get, or do your self, a load calculation, to be sure the 4 ton is the right choice.
Not sure, but in areas with high humidity (Like FL where we are now) you want to be sure the unit is not too big. It will cool too fast and shut off, without enough run time to dehumidify enough.
In BC you don't have as much humidity and sizing would be different. Being as it would't have to runn as long to dehumidify as much, a larger unit might be a good idea to reduce running time/cost.
A good load cal. should spell it out.
I found that most AC contractors charge big bucks for their work.
A 4 ton Condenser and AH can be bought for $2200 and that's to you. A dealer would pay less and charge a lot more. They have to to pay overhead, etc.

If a DIY type person, I would see if I could find a company that would give me a price to braze the tubing, evacuate and charge the system, after I bought and installed it myself.
AC unit $2500 +/-
Line set and other stuff $500 +/-
Braze, evacuate and charge $500 +/-
Total $3500 +/-

If you had any rooms that were colder than others with the old system, now would be the time to corect that with duct work changes.

If not interested in DIY, be sure to get 4 or more estimates.

Good luck

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Hello over40,
We had a second opinion, and this guy said much of what you said! We are waiting for hisexact quote.
He also said that we should have a u/v bulb installed -- not expensive but kills a lot of stuff,supposedly. Anyone know about that?

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In my opinion UV light is an unnecessary expense. The lights don't last long and it debatable what they are actually killing.

Be aware that any equipment you buy on line will not have a manufacturer's warranty.

If you want to save money do the installation in October when things slow down and rebates are available.

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