has anyone tried the "washer fan"?

Bridget HelmApril 30, 2013

i've tried everything to get the stinky smell out of my towels without any luck. affresh helped a little, but the smell comes bavck and never went away COMPLETLY. we never had this stinky towel problem until we got an HE washer. it's only a year old, so I don't feel like shucking out another 800 dollars for a Speed Queen (the old school type of washer that doesn't stink).

so while doing some research on whether or not I should just throw away all of our towels and start over after the affresh, i stumbled upon "the washer fan". Has anyone tried it? i'm thinking it's worth a shot for 60 bucks. there's a top load model and front load. i have a top load that stinks. it's not only the front loaders as many assume. it's ALL HE washers.

here's the website for anyone interested. i'll be the guinea pig and let everyone know how it goes if no one responds having tried it

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What does one need a fan for in a top load washer with its big opening? I don't see the logic behind that. Can you not leave the lid open after the cycle is done?

How do you wash towels? Water temp? Cycle? Detergent? Hard water?


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your post is total BS. I have a 2 year (actually more than 2 year) old HE Samsung 520 and it has ZERO odor. It's really not that hard to keep an HE FL from stinking. AAMOF, I only had ONE time when it smelled a little bit "sour" and I resolved that quickly, never to return. So don't say that "all HE washers". You are simply clueless, is all.

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My bad. it will be 2 years old this November.

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A small table fan pointed at the washing machine drum would have the same effect. I would try that before investing $60 in this gadget.

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Natural convection should dry out the tub well enough. It's really only problematic if one can't leave the lid open because a cat can jump into the tub or whatever. The washer and laundry will need to be cleaned thoroughly. SmellyWasher gets good reviews from what can remember.

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agree with graywings re using a cheap small fan. I have a roughly 8" fan that I use to dry out my FL washer while the last load of laundry is in the dryer. the fan sits on top of the dryer and across from the washer sits a wooden stool. In less than 15 seconds I move the stool up close to the washer, and place the fan on top and turn it ON.

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My 5.5 year old GE Harmony TL used to stink (it is now in pieces on the basement floor so smells just fine, too bad its ball bearings are coming out all over the place!)

It did not start stinking until a couple of years ago but when it did nothing would help! Even using the tide and carbonara (? I think that was who made it) cleaning stuff only helped temporarily . And the carbonara or whatever it was called worked better

Absolutely TLs can stink if they are HE. My old TL machine with an agitator did not stink

I think this is more likely to happen if you do not do hot bleach loads (I do not because I consider them unhealthy for my family as bleach is an estrogen mimicker). Trying to decide between an Electrolux and a Speed Queen. Forgot about the smell, was leaning to the Electrolux, now rethinking!

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I too had a problem with a horrific odor coming from my Samsung clothes Washer. I tried off-the-shelf products and commercial products and nothing worked. A friend told me about the Washer Fan website - http://www.washerfan.com and I spent quite a bit of time reading their website. According to Washer Fan, and I verified this with an appliance repairman, the cause of the smell is mold caused by standing water that remains in the washer's drum between loads of wash. This is a design flaw that exists in ALL front and top load washers and there's nothing you can do to get rid of the standing water. I ordered the Washer Fan and in 4 days the smell was GONE. The Washer Fan attached to the rear vent of my washer with magnets and installation was less than a minute! It works by circulating air through the drum which reduces the humidity and as a result dries up and purges the mold. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT!!! Highly recommended!

Here is a link that might be useful: Washer Fan Website

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That looks cool! I'm going to get one for my new 24" LG combo washer/dryer. I like the product's "permanent" prophylactic effect, and its easy-on, magnetic attachment. The only thing I don't like is that it extends the rear clearance of your washer by a bit (critical if doing an under-counter install like we're planning), and the inventor never mentions what this added dimension is.

Our current, full-sized LG just started smelling funny after six years, and now we know why. If this can prevent that from ever occurring in our new machine, I think it'll be worth every penny.

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Recently when shopping for a washer the salesperson said that I think Maytag is now putting the fan in their washers at top o the line FL models. I thought that was pretty cool.

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Looks like a computer fan in its own mounting box with a USB adaptor. You could make one of those for a lot less than 60 bucks. I think you could work around needing that by just adjusting washing habits but maybe some machine designs just dont leave you any options. My Maytag Neptune has been odor free for 8 years now.

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Beware of a new member posting an enthusiastic endorsement of a product, especially when the post ends with "THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT!!! Highly recommended!" AND includes a photo of the product AND a link to the product's site. Just sayin . . .

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graywings you may or may not be unnecessarily cynical, but don't you think that people can search the net for corroboration that the washer fan might be a useful product? (I didn't research it as what I have already, works fine for me)

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I have the Electrolux IQ Touch and I just be sure to empty any remaining water out of the dispenser tray and leave it open just to the point where the spring starts the tension. The door is spring loaded so it likes to stay fully open. It's not exactly out of my way BUT I've never had any issues with odors. I do use the "Tub Clean" cycle when it shows up on the display but I don't know if it makes any difference or not.

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