Any HE TL washers with on board heaters?

beaglencApril 4, 2013

Just bought a Samsung #WA476DSHAWR from Lowe's with built in heater. It was on clearance and only one left was floor model, $760 for a 1K washer. Yeah!! Well, it is about 1 and a half inches to tall with the door open.:( All the others,Bravos, GE and LG don't have the on board heaters. So what now? Had to order the gas dryer and to be delivered on the 13th. Any suggestions? I'm tired of my Bosch shaking my house when I use any cycle other than or bulky--even on gentle spin. I don't want another FL.

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The TOL Maytag Bravos 950 and the TOL Whirlpool Cabrio have a heater and it can be activated by the user on any cycle. Some of the new GEs as well as some LGs and the more expensive Samsungs have heaters as well. However, they usually only activate for Sanitary.

That being said, I don't think Bosch has anything special to offer as far as vibration control goes. Many manufacturers have better systems. Electrolux, just as an example, gives a Second Floor Guarantee against vibration.

Other than that, look for TOL units to get a heater or the mentioned models from Whirlpool, if you want control over heater usage.


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Alex you are the best!! Do you know model #'s for the cabrios? The Bravos is too high with the lid open, needs to be less than 54 in.

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Well the Bravos and the Cabrio probably share almost 99% of the parts - the overall hight is most likely the same.

The new GE are 60" with the lid up.

The new Samsungs are 58" with the lid up.

The LGs are 55 3/4" with the lid up.

- WT6001HVA
- WT6001HV
- WT5170HV
- WT5170HW

have a heating element for the Sanitary cycle.

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