Panel-ready washer and dryer

dilzyApril 4, 2014

Hello! Cross posting this on the appliance forum as well. I need a (preferably) stackable washer and dryer in the mud room, and would love to be able to integrate them with surrounding cabinetry. Besides the Asko panel ready model, are there any other models out there? If not, does anyone own the Asko model? Any feedback on performance and price would be greatly appreciated as I only found one review on AJ Madison that was 1 star.
My other option would be to recess the wall a few inches and install them into a cabinet but I don't know how functional it would be to keep opening the cabinet door in a mudroom, especially if I need to air out the insides.

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There have been Asko owners here in the past with older machines and they loved them. The few newer reports have not been as positive and service and parts may be an issue. Small capacity has also been an issue, as I recall.

I think the new FL machines are nice looking, certainly good enough for a mudroom. (Mine are stacked in my small kitchen). Get a set in a color that coordinates with your decor and admire them as you walk by :)

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Be careful that you have enough clearance to open machine doors if you recess the machines. My machines open all the way flat against the cabinetry next to it. If I recessed my machines I would not be able to do this.
This picture shows my set with the washer door all the way open against the neighboring cabinet. The dryer can not open all the way because of my door frame. It works though.

I too love the look of the washing machines, regardless what vintage.

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Thanks for the feedback. Leaning towards having that wall of cabinets be a sliding door. If not, exposed it is :)

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Miele has a cabinet panel option for their machines. The way that looks in a modern space can be seen in the link below.

There's a lovely laundry room also, with a stacked w/d pair in a closet that has good access.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paneled washer/dryer

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Thanks for the links rococogurl. Sighhhhh that modern paneled one is the Asko.

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