Best placement of sink drain?

beejay27January 23, 2010

This is my first time posting here. What an amazingly useful, supportive forum! We're starting our demo on Feb. 1st so I'm getting a little panicky.

My question: What are the pros and cons of having the drain of the main sink placed in the middle versus the back of the sink? Does it make a difference if you are using a grid in the bottom of the sink?

(I tried searching for any discussions about this, but I got no matches when I typed in "sink" which seems absurd on a kitchen forum. I must be missing something about how to search the forum. So please forgive me and point me in the right direction if this has already been addressed.)

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I'll take a stab at the question, although I suspect you are going to get a lot of answers. We have a single-bowl corner drain sink. It was suggested by our KD and we love it because it preserves so much space under the sink. The disposal and plumbing are isolated to the back so we were still able to get a bunch of rev-a shelf units under the sink.

I think the main downside is that few manufacturers make corner drains. Elkay, Franke and Julien are the only ones that make them. Elkay's is the cheapest, but it is relatively small sink. Both the Franke and the Julien are bigger and 10" deep. 10" was deeper than we wanted, so we ended up with a custom made Julien and a hole in our wallet.

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What you are talking about it called an "offset drain". The advantages are (a) as Overlyoptimistic said, you have much more room under your sink for disposal and storage than you would if the drain and plumbing are smack-dab in the middle, and (b) you can soak roasting pan, cookie sheet and the like without covering the drain hole. I can think of no cons to an offset drain. I myself have a stainless single-bowl sink with an offset drain in the rear right, and I would never go back to a non-offset drain. You can easily find sinks with the offset drain located at the rear-center, but there are fewer sinks available with an offset drain in the rear-right. Both offset locations are fine.

You asked about a grid - typically the sink manufacturer will offer a grid as an accessory, and the grid for your model sink will have a cut-out for the drain, wherever the drain for that model is. The Ticor stainless sinks come with the grid included which is a good value (find them at, and many of the Ticor sinks have offset drains).

People on this forum rave over the Blanco Silgranit Blancodiamond Super Single sink with the offset drain at rear-right. They love the Silgranit material (the anthracite color is particularly sharp), and the large size of the Super Single sink. That model can be installed either undermounted or drop-in. I think the search function on the Forum isn't working right now, but you could try Google instead and use the search terms "gardenweb", "silgranit" and "super single".

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Thanks overlyoptimistic and akchicago. That's very helpful. I will do my best to get an offset drain.

I'm seriously considering the Silgranit now. I hadn't even considered it although I saw lots of talk about it. I had planned to get stainless since that's what my appliances will be.

Thanks for the Google search suggestion too--that worked just fine.

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We chose a sink with an offset drain and it provides all the features described by the previous posters. LOVE IT!

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Here are some threads I have bookmarked in the last several weeks. I don't know if any will answer your specific question about drains but you can start here anyway. There was one discussion about drain placement but I don't remember whether I bookmarked it or not.

Sorry for the cut and paste; it is getting late and I am too tired to turn these into real links. If anyone has the energy and time, feel free... Also, I think I bookmarked one discussion three times, but again, I'm too cross-eyed to go back and fix it.


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Blanco silgranit super single sink owner here -- another vote for rear corner drain. Sink is plenty big enough to leave pans soaking on left and still have room to wash other dishes on right. I came across some post the other day that mentions a Silgranit II (new version), which you might want to check into. Since we're done with that part and have the old version, I'm just averting my eyes to whatever the big improvements were :)

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The search is completely down on gardenweb (best I can tell)...try the following on google...
sink (which will get a ridiculous number)
sink offset drain

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Gizmonike, Really like your sink. Never would have thought of the drain placement but it makes perfect sense. Who is the manufacturer?

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Gizmonike, what a beautiful kitchen! Thanks for posting the photo.

Jsweenc, thanks for all of those links. I read them all. At what point does one stop researching and just make a decision?

Starfish24, I guess you got the Diamond since you have the rear corner drain. Did you have any issues installing it in a 36" counter? I'm wondering if the Precis would be better since it is specifically made to be an undermount and fits easliy into a 36" counter. But the Precis has a rear center drain which doesn't leave as big an open space under the sink. I understand averting your eyes to any possible improvements since you're all done. I hope to be averting my eyes in a couple of months. In the meantime, (Starfish 24, stop reading now ;-) )...

...does anyone know anything about the Silgranit II? I've looked around and found press releases about it, but can't find any mention of it being used in any of the current products.

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I've got an American Standard white cast iron sink with the corner drain. It was a cheap fix for a cheaper, ancient, very shallow double bowl stainless sink. I think it was from Lowes, or maybe Home Depot. It clearly won't compete with the quality of the sinks mentioned above, but it is a great alternative for folks on a small budget. FWIW.

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It's a Julien sink, welded into the countertop. Also Julien grids.

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My first thought was, "on the bottom".

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Beejay27, regarding Silgranit II, I'll link a thread below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Silgranit II

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Thanks, Shannonplus2. That thread was just what I needed. So my conclusion is that, for the most part, if you order Silgranit now you get Silgranit II.

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At what point does one stop researching and just make a decision?


(Sorry, I think I'm delirious from overload.)

If you figure out the answer to that question, please let me know! DH and I both tend to overthink everything. That's why it took us so long to pull the trigger. And it can lead to anxious thoughts. The sweeby test was very helpful to clarify our purposes, and that's what I keep coming back to. The first thing we ordered were windows... the moment I thought they were ordered, I wanted something different and thought I had made the biggest mistake. Over the weekend I decided it would be fine. On Tuesday I learned that the order hadn't been placed yet, so I changed my mind. On Wed. I went around and around with the GC trying to explain what I wanted. I finally showed him my favorite inspiration picture, and he determined that the best way to get that was with what I originally ordered.

What I am trying to learn is do the research, and at some point, it's OK that I didn't find out about every single possibility out there. If enough people are satisfied with the Silgranit and it's in my budget and fits with my style, I'll get it and not look back. But our whole purpose is to have a place where people walk in and say "I feel comfortable here", not "Wow, I love your kitchen. Tell me all about your sink!"

I would love to be like a friend of mine, who never did an ounce of research, walked into Lowes, found a faucet she liked, brought it home and installed it. Twenty minutes to pick out a faucet!

Lots more useful information in the Read Me if New post... look for it on page 1.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweeby Test

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Where can I buy a sink with a rear side drain that is good quality and reasonable in cost?

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I've never used one, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like a drain off to one side of the sink. I like having the drain in the middle of the sink ("middle" meaning left to right, our drain is middle back.)

I use the sink for a lot of things at once. Usually there is a dishpan on the right side. I like to throw dirty dishes into it as I cook. The left side gets used for pot filling, colander draining, veggie peeling, etc. Sometimes I lift the dishpan onto the counter to have more room in the sink. Having easy access to the drain is crucial. It would get covered if it was off to the side of the sink. Even with a sink grid, I prefer to minimize how much debris is running under the stuff sitting in the sink. The debris would have to travel a long way from one side of the sink to the other. And since I don't have a disposal, I have to empty the stainer often. It would be a major pain if I had to move things out of the way to get at it.

When the entire sink is used to wash large items, the drain is usually plugged up so that the items can soak. It doesn't matter then if the large pans cover the drain.

Some people like having the drain positioned under the faucet so that the water streams into it. Ours is at the back and I haven't found any disadvantage. Maybe it's because we don't have a disposal. The room under the sink gets pretty well maximized with all the plumbing at the back.

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What am I missing when others are saying the Blanco Diamond drain is rear-right? They look like they are center-right to me.

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