New $1K washer: Whirlpool, LG or Bosch

countingbackwardsApril 11, 2011

I'm looking for a new washer to replace a dying Fridgemore that I got 7 years ago...budget around $1K. I'll be keeping the dryer for now as it's still fine, and we just don't dry with the dryer all that much.

The main choices I have are:

LG model 2901 (4.5 cu feet)

Whirlpool model 94 (5 cu feet)

Bosch model 300 or 500 (4.4 cu feet)

All of the above have the main features we need (a heating element to control temperature, a nice big tub, and plenty of cycle choices)

Our main priorities are:

1) Good, consistent cleaning, with good temperature control and a high-speed spin cycle that leaves clothes nearly dry at the end of the cycle.

2) Durability...I want more than 7 years out of the next one, and I don't want service calls.

3) Short cycles.

4) Low noise & vibration as the washer will be on the 2nd floor (meaning, on a suspended floor)

We do perhaps 10 loads weekly. I don't really see the point of the whole steam-cleaning thing, but the Whirlpool's fan to keep the laundry from smelling if you don't take it out immediately is a nice option.

I have a preference for the Bosch and Whirlpool from the standpoint that both are made in the USA, whereas the LG is made in the orient - and also I prefer their (Whirlpool & Bosch's) more stable model lineups, which indicate better parts availability going forward. But perhaps these preferences are misguided?

For Bosch...the reason I'm considering the 500 series model is not the additional cycles, just that the construction seems a bit better on the 500 models that I've seen vs. the 300 series models.

Any help is appreciated!



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The new whirlpool is tops on consumer reports so its worth considering. I still think the 2901 is the best choice and you can get a good price on it now and the new whirlpool hasn't been around that long. The 5 cubic feet on the whirlpool is a great feature though. Hopefully these new models help turn whirlpool aroundbut I trust the lg more....for now.

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I purchased new machines in February. I narrowed my search down to Miele and LG. I went with the Miele but LG was my second choice of all the other brands. After all my research I felt better about LG than any one else. FWIW.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your help...based on the positive recommendations here of the LG, as well as from Consumer Reports' reliability rating of prior LG's, and the fact that it was the least expensive model under consideration...I went with it. It'll be nice to have a washing machine back, and a nice big one at that, to replace the small one we had before.

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Hate to be a kill joy. I purchased the top of the line Bosch. Do forget model number..BEST according to all
reviews. Sorry but I find it an absolute disappointment.
Not perfectly clean laundry and temperature control often
just plain not hot when I ticked off a hot cycle. I would never repurchase Bosch and would personally like to see mine.

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Do post back when you get it and tell us how you like it.

What model did you get?

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