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BeaufortdanAugust 19, 2012

I have a 2 story house with 1300 sq. feet in Beaufort, SC. We are near a salt-water river, but protected from harsh salt air by barrier islands. My current Goodman 1. 1/2 ton outside units (2) are in fairly good shape with no visible rust. They are 10 year old 10 SEER units.

I have 5 quotes...one from Goodman was for R-22 units...second was for Am/Stand was much higher than another bid.

1---CarrierModel- 25HBC318A003---13 SEER with FB4CNF018T05 Air Handler----carrier Base Non-Programmable HP Thermostat----$6320.00

2---Carrier-Model- 25HCB318a003--15 SEER with FX4DNF019T00 Air Handler 3 Speed Blower---Non-Prog. Therm.---$8170.00

3---American Standard--SI Silver Series 4TWB3018 with matching composite Handler---13 SEER---$8400.00

4---waiting on Trane quote on 13 SEER XB Series, should be within $200.00 of American Standard bib.

They have said I do not need the extra protection from the salt air...

My calculations project that I will not recoup the extra $2000 for 15 SEER...

Is Trane or American worth the extra money...

Should I consider the A/S Gold Series...

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Are these prices for 2 systems?

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Two 1.5 ton units

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#1is Carrier Base series low end, would not have it.

#2 is Carrier Comfort 13, considering the Trane or AmStd is only $300 higher, I would probably attempt to negotiate that amount.

It would be helpful to get the mdl number of the Trane and AmStd air handlers to properly advise you.

What size heat strip? I assume a 5 KW.


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