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izeveApril 4, 2013

I am buying a new place at the end of the month and trying to figure out what washer and dryer to get for my new condo. I used to have a FL LG washer/dryer pair in the house sold last year and liked them a lot. But now I am mostly just a one person household (child in college) and am debating the wisdom of buying a large size American washer. My typical weekly laundry is a load of darks, a small load of whites, towels and bedsheets. So the max is 4 smallish loads.

I am tempted to have a second 220V outlet installed in the laundry closet and buy a small European washer (Bosch maybe) and pair it with an inexpensive full size American dryer. Does anyone have a set up like that? Do you like it? Are you able to wash a set of king size sheets with a duvet cover in one load?

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My duvet covers are 53 x 79 inches (I don't think that's any US standard). Pillow case 31 x 31 inches. Fitted sheet would probabyly fit a Queen mattress.

I'd get all this into a Bosch - twice. Now, if you're talking heavy flannel stuff... maybe just one set.


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also the small stackable miele units are a possibility. they are 110v but do a very good job. the condenser dryer is also a thought depending on your layout. condenser dryer will take longer though

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Thanks for the responses. I have room for full size machines side by side so no issues with space constraints. I am considering a 220V washer primarily due to better washing performance (more powerful heater and ability to do a profile wash). I am also thinking that a huge 4 cubic feet machine will probably not do a good job on small loads which is mostly what I wash nowadays. But I do like having a spacious dryer - I think there is less wrinkling and tangling in a large capacity dryer. And I really don't care that much about having a matching set....

Whirlpool trainee, thanks for the feedback re capacity. Sounds like I should have no problems fitting in my bed linen. I forget that you can really load the horizontal axis machines much fuller than the tilted drum ones.

Any thoughts on Bosch v. Asko? Bosch seems to be more widely available. I had a Bosch dishwasher in my prior house and loved it so I am leaning towards a Bosch. Also, my laundry space is on the 2nd floor - would one or the other be better as far as vibration control is concerned?

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Oh, my Duet does just fine on small loads. I, personally, just think that one hour (which its shortest cycle on mine to heat the water beyond 80F) is too much tumbling for just a few lbs. of clothes. I know that, on the US models, you could select a hot fill and light soil level, which is what I'd do if I could to get a quick warm wash.

Between Bosch and Asko. Well, neither are specifically made for second-floor installations. European homes are built differently (much more concrete) than US ones so vibration is really no concern for us. I can't tell, which one would be better. The Asko has four struts to support the tub, the Bosch three plus two springs. Neither have TrueBalance, VTR+ or any of that.


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Hmm, I had a 3.6 cf LG previously and it did a fine job on smaller loads, too. But it's becoming difficult to find machines under 4.0 cf nowadays that have the features I want. At some point I'm concerned that in a drum that big, the tumbling may not be that good with a small load. In any event, I am getting a quote on the 220V outlet to be added to the laundry area, so we'll see if that makes sense. And I am still looking at some full size options. It looks like you can find Electrolux washers at good discounts now (new models coming out soon?) but they are so huge!!! I am also considering a couple of LG models and one Frigidaire model. The only brand I can't figure out is Samsung - really confusing array of models....

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I've had both Bosch and Asko. The Bosch axxis was terrific and it had a companion condenser dryer that was stacked. The Bosch tub is much larger than Asko's.

The Asko is 240 and it heats the hot water well. But it was not at all good, and nowhere near as good as the Bosch, on smaller loads and/or delicates. In retrospect, I wouldn't trade the small loads/delicate settings for the profile wash or the ability to set the temp accurately. But everyone has different needs.

When the Asko controller board went and I only had 2 hour cold washes, and couldn't get a replacement, I went with a Miele pair. They are the best by far -- both washer and dryer -- of the three IME but they are far more expensive as well. The Bosch lacks the refinements and customizations but I found it a strong #2 and less of an investment.

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rococogurl, is your Miele a 120V or 220V model? In any event, thanks for your feedback. I also read some of your other posts and they were very helpful. Your comments about the Asko washer being unable to balance small/delicate loads was very interesting. That would definitely be a problem for me. As to the Bosch washer, some other posters complained about the fact that you could not set the spin speed separately from the cycle so the machine did not spin as needed, often leaving loads too wet on shorter cycles. Have you experienced that?

Interestingly, some of the 27' washers sold in the US have profile wash features (my LG for example had a Stain Treat option which was basically a profile wash). But the manual never really explained how that feature worked or its advantages. I figured it out by pausing the washer and taking the temperature of the wash. Now I notice that that feature is mostly gone from the current models... And unfortunately, none of the full size washers sold here are known for their temp accuracy ;-) That has been an issue discussed on this board in great lengths...

I would give a lot to be able to buy a washer like my mother's back in Poland where you can select the exact temperature, length of cycle, spin speed and have the washer do exactly what you want it to do. But I guess that would be too much to figure out for a typical consumer here ;-)

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My Miele is 120 v. That was my only choice now in the market.

Bosch has a number of different models. I had the 2446 (linked below) which may be top of their line. I had no issues at all with the machine, not on large or small loads. For its size it has the largest capacity and did a great job. The downside is the set cycles with no customization. Also, I had a devilish time getting the water temps from them for each cycle but eventually did. Top was in the 160 range. The delicate and synthetic cycles were great and I would have purchased it again (not so on the Asko) but the dryer was a consideration.

I've never had a full size FL as I don't need anything that large. Our DD has a huge LG pair (3 little ones) which I used. It does an ok job and good on small loads. But not much control and my whites came out very gray (though that may have been her soap).

If I had to design a washer I'd want what you described your mother having in Poland -- ideal to be able to adjust everything. Asko does that sort of. Miele is closest I've found though it has both.

As for water temps, those were very precise on the Asko. They are fairly precise on Miele according to the measurements I can do on the intake. F.ex. My hot water is about 130. My hot machine setting is 140 -- if it heats to a full 140 great. If not, I've got 130. Any of the warm settings do blended intake and those seem more precise. There's the more disparity on the cold end but I do very few cold washes and really don't care if the water is 55 or 85. Mine tends to be colder, which is fine for silk and yoga stuff with elasticizers.

Over time,with the Asko, I found I wasn't using the 160-190 F settings. They were too hot for most of the modern fabrics. I only went hottest with cleaning rags. I settled on 140F for the profile setting I use for sheet and towels. The rest of the loads were washed between 86 and 120. But the lack of the gentler cycles was an issue and we have a lot of black clothing (NY). So with cold loads and black I use Perwoll black wash so no dissolving issues or residue.

Today, I washed my 3 double-sided terry bath rugs for the first time in the Miele, all in 1 load. Bosch would have handled them in 1 batch as well. I had to do 2 loads for them with Asko which didn't always fully saturate them. Big, big difference there.

No question, the ideal would be the Miele but 240 v. Not happening so it's a question of which tradeoff works best for you and then, of course, what you need vs cost.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch compact

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The profile wash - or something close to it - is frequently called Steam these days. If you look at Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux and the such, none of them actually has a steam generator any more. Instead, the regular heating element is activated during the wash to bring the temp up. Of course, where the temp starts and where it stops... only the manufacturers know.


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Very helpful - both Alex and rococogurl. Thank you!

So steam is really just the heater engaging? And I have read somewhere that the LGs with TurboWash use higher water levels to do the job. So it sounds like if I get an LG with Steam and TurboWash, I should be able to get the features I want: the ability to increase the water level for some loads and the ability to do a profile wash. I also want at least 2 heated cycles so I will look for a washer with Allergiene and Sanitize cycles.
I'm still waiting for a quote for the additional 220v outlet but I'm planning to check out some stores this weekend and see if I find anything I like....

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Another brand to consider would be Electrolux/Frigidaire. I actually prefer the Frigidaire units. While they don't have quite the capacity of the Lux versions and no push-to-open door/dispenser, the have all the basic features. Plus: a Max Fill option for a little extra water, an Allergy option to raise the temp to 131F on select cycles and a Stain Pretreat option that fills with cold water, tumbles for ten minutes and than starts heating the water. The Frigidaire units also have the jet that showers the clothes during the cycle.

Here's a Frigidaire with its Jet System:

The same video seen 8x speed:

And here's a LG on TurboWash. Does not appear to use much more water, I think. You can see how it spins and spray the clothes at the start of the cycles and where it does spray rinses at 18:00, 27:18 and 29:20 min.

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I've owned the Bosch axxis + for almost three years now and I love it. It is a great washer. I have a Maytag gas dryer, which is plenty big. There are only two of us these days.

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Thank you all for the feedback. I think I am down to 3 options:

LG WM3070 (with steam and TurboWash, has Sanitize and Allergy cycles) with a matching dryer $1600 for the pair

Frigidaire FAFS4174 (has steam, Sanitize and Allergy cycles, Stain Treat and Max Fill features) with a matching dryer $1710 for the pair

Bosch WAS24460UC - the washer alone is $1260. I will also need a dryer (I would get a 27' dryer) and an additional 220V outlet installed, so this will be the most expensive option.

I listed them in order of my current preference, based on personal experience. I owned two Frigimore front loaders in the past and was not impressed. The bearings failed on the first one after just a couple of years. I replaced it with an upgraded model but then the dryer failed. So I ended up buying a Whirlpool Duet Sport which I hated (the dryer needed a new control board within the first year; the washer did not have a heater and shook the entire house when spinning). So I upgraded to a pair of LGs and really liked them. Unfortunately, my ex ended up with them when we sold the house last year. But they are still going strong at 3 years old with no issues and giving excellent washing performance.
So I'm leaning towards the LGs.

Any thoughts on the specific models I listed above? The difference in capacity is not an important consideration for me. Thank you for all your thoughts and opinions!

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I've been looking at that LG also but wondered one thing: if you look at the tub - the four and eight o'clock position - there are just two holes in the rubber gasket. On all the other TurboWash washers, there are actually two nozzles pointing into the tub. I wonder if this washer has a light version of the TurboWash, so to speak.

I highly recommend a member from regarding questions about the Frigidaire. I'll link a thread in which posted on the Affinity below.

Finally, here are some pictures. Four sets of duvet covers and pillow covers. Two of them are super-lightweight microfiber sets and the other two are regular cotton ones. First washer is a 20-year old Bosch with a 1.8 cu.ft (?) drum, then my Duet with its 3.3 cu.ft drum and finally the load in the Axxis dryer. Even the small washer could have easily handled more. The dryer... not so much.


BTW: you owe me one for putting my laundry in the dirty washer. ;-) Used to belongs to our landlord's family who would always leave wet clothes in there for days!

Here is a link that might be useful: User Review: Frigidaire 4474 Front-Loader

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Alex, I do owe you one! You are super helpful. I will stop by the local Best Buy on my way home today and inspect the LG - they have WM3070 on the floor.
For what it's worth, the Consumer Reports rated this LG washer higher than the Frigidaire. Especially in terms of vibration control and noise. Since my machines will be on the 2nd floor, it is important to me that they be quiet. On paper, the Frigidaire sounds exactly like what I want, but the Consumer Reports rated the brand as least reliable in the FL category. I'm also not able to find a local store that has it on the floor so I can't even look at it.

The more I think about, the more I'm leaning towards the LGs.

BTW, my brother who lives in Poland offered to buy a Bosch for me there and ship it to me ;-) There they are about 1/3 of the price I have to pay for the same washer here....

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Yes, I think Frigidaire (and Electrolux) went a little too far in terms of quick cycles. Even their Heavy Duty cycle was 50 minutes or something. Recently, as I have read, Frigidaire increased the cycle time to give better cleaning results.

Yes, the LG is likely to have the more sophisticated vibration control. I was referring to pictures on regarding the missing? nozzles on the door boot.

Yep, Euro appliances are much cheaper over here. I think it's particularly bad with Miele vacuums. Only problem is that they run on 50 Hertz... :-/

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Alex, I think any images of nozzles on the LGs are photoshopped ;-) I stopped by the Best Buy on my way home and can tell you that none of the TurboWash LGs have any nozzles. They all have just holes in the rubber e gasket in the 4 and 8 o'clock positions. I checked WM3070, WM3470 and another top of the line model (can't remember the number). They all look basically the same in terms of the TurboWash openings in the gasket. Basically a hole with a rubber collar on the outside so that the water stream is directed to the inside of the drum. The rubber collars are different shapes, depending on the model so that may have made a difference in the pictures.

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Just looked at the pictures at There is something wrong with that picture of WM3070 - it looks almost like the rubber was shaved off to expose the holes. It is not how it looks in reality. How bizzare....

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I bought an Axxis+ (the 2460) about 12 years ago. It is a fantastic washer. This washer has averaged 20 loads a week, almost every week for its entire operating life. I gave it to my sister 6 years ago, for her family of 4. In its lifetime, it has required a single repair, at about the 6 year mark. It, and the matching dryer (no repairs), are still chugging away almost daily. Assuming the quality of the Axxis is unchanged, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

In my opinion, the 220v water heating capabilities, and the efficiency of Euro design are the major selling points. Through cleaning, guaranteed water temperatures, and efficiency of Euro design. Laundry perfection. Good luck!

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So the electrician quoted $125 to change the existing 110V outlet to 240V, or $375 to install an additional 240V outlet. I think the second option is the right thing to do but it seems too expensive (considering that the Bosch washer is also a lot more expensive than my other options). I think I will go with the LG pair (WM3070 washer). I've had good luck with an LG washer before and have 2 friends who also have had LGs for several years now with no problems.
I expect to get the washer and dryer in about 2 weeks and will be sure to post a review.
Thank you again to all who responded, especially Alex.

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Looking forward to your review!

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If I recall correctly, the Axxis pair only need one 240v plug. On my old set the washer plugged into the dryer, and then the dryer was plugged into the 240v outlet. I am assuming that this is still true on newer models. Either way, good luck!

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Miele1966, you are correct. However, I wanted to pair the Bosch washer with a full size (27') dryer, so that's why I needed a second 240V outlet. But I have decided to go with the LGs and they are now on order to be delivered on April 30. I hope they will be as good as the LG pair from my prior house that are still in service and doing very well at my ex's new place.

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