Why couldn't it be 1/4" bigger?

Rybren2April 18, 2014

OK - we all know that size really does matter. My newly renovated main floor laundry room counter is only 38 3/4" high (error on contractors part) and my existing LG Tromm laundry pair did not fit underneath. In order to make them fit, the appliance installers removed the legs. The vibrations are crazy. Dishes fall out of the kitchen cabinets that back onto the wall behind the laundry room. I've lived with it for 1 1/2 years because I didn't want the aggravation of tearing out the granite counter and marble backsplash in the laundry room. So now the LG stopped drying and rather than repairing it I thought this was my opportunity to get new appliances that fit properly under the counter. To my horror nearly every laundry pair is a minimum 39" clearance under a counter. I am looking for a large capacity washer that will fit under my 38 3/4" high counter. Does anyone have a 38 3/4" high counter that fits a 38 3/4" high laundry pair? If so what brand? The only ones I can find that will fit and have a 38" clearance are Electrolux and although they are lovely, I've had bad luck with my Electrolux fridge and stove so I'm a bit gun shy. Anyone have Electrolux and love them? Suggestion very welcome!

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Why don't you make the contractor fix it?

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I think the best thing would be to have the counter top removed and raised, and just call it a day. Honestly. That way you can buy a washer/dryer that you want, instead of something that just fits. Might help re-sale value also.

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Agree with Cavimum. Best to re-do and open your choices.

And agree with oregpsnow....I think contractor owes you a piece of the re-do.

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After a five month long Reno I was not interested in tearing out the whole laundry room. Logically I know it is likely what I should have pushed for but was looking for alternatives to doing so. Thanks anyway! May have to go that route.

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I bet it won't be as disruptive as you think it will. It would certainly be less disruptive than the vibrations were!

They don't have to make a huge mess.

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