Rheem vs Trane

tomdxAugust 14, 2012

I have to make a decision between Rheem and Trane within the next day or so and I'd appreciate any feedback.

I have a townhouse built in 1988 that still has the original Rheem furnace and A/C (2 ton I think). This is now a rental unit, so due to conversion expense, I'm stuck with an 80% unit. I've had 4 estimates (including PSE&G) and no one has done a load calc... all say I don't need it. Closest thing that was done is 2 contractors took measurements of the downstairs (said they didn't need to go upstairs). I don't have time for more estimates, so I've decided based on who I think is the best contractor (A+ BBB). These numbers included all costs, including permits...

TRANE $6242.54

XL80 2-Stage (TUD2B060A9362A)

XB13 2.5 ton Condenser (4TTB3030E1000A)

XB series Coil (4FXCB036AC3CAA)

Rheem $6,185.51

3 ton 13 Seer Cased Coil (RCFL-HM3617CC)

2.5 ton Value Series 13 Seer Condensing Unit (13AJA30A01)

RGPQ 2-Stage (75,000 BTU)

Note: Furnaces are not variable speed... the extra cost is not justified in a rental unit.



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What size is your townhouse?

What size is current AC and furnace?

You will note the Rheem furnace is 20% larger. Why?

For your townhouse, I would consider the sgl stage XT 80 furnace with the high eff blower.


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Townhouse is 2 stories and approx 1300 sqf

I believe the current AC is 2 tons... everyone that has looked at it wants to upgrade to 2.5 tons (even PSE&G).

I believe the current furnace is 66k. I think the Rheem furnace only comes in 50k and 75k... going with 55k would be less than I have now.. so that would account for the 20% difference.

The 2nd floor of the townhouse tends to get very hot in relation to the 1st floor. I'm thinking the 2-stage would help with that problem... that's why I choose it over the High eff blower.


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Still like the sgl stage XT80 better.

And the Rheem furnace will be a waste if dealer does not install a true two stage mdl thermostat. That furnace is too large. If you decide on that mdl, drop down to the 050 size. Plenty of BTUs for a 1300 sq ft condo.


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Yes, they are including a 2-stage thermostat.

I'll speak to them about the 50k vs 75k. But my first decision is Rheem vs Trane. I've been told that Trane is better, but parts are expensive (out of warranty) and some times not readily available... which is an important consideration for a rental.


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