Miele, Bosch, or AEG-Electrolux washer?

saaraahApril 12, 2013

My (much hated) 12+ year old Inglis TL officially died this week, so I'd appreciate some help in picking a FL. :) I've thoroughly read through the forums but I'm having a hard time making a decision.

A couple of things:

- 3 loads of laundry a week (only me and my husband)
- have a queen size down duvet/cover
- laundry room is in the basement, so machine has to fit through a 29" door opening and down a flight of stairs
- if the machine breaks (here's hoping it doesn't), my husband would prefer to do repairs himself: not sure if that's possible with any particular FLs

I'm leaning towards a Miele 1612, Bosch Axxis, or AEG-Electrolux... any thoughts on what's better? I'd like to invest in something that will last a long time, without many repairs (doesn't everyone, though?!).

There's a lot of love for the Speed Queen -- here in Canada, I believe they're re-branded as Heubsch -- is that a good option as well?

Thank you for any and all suggestions!

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Just wanted to add that my husband's only concern is if it's possible for him to buy parts if something breaks? Or are only Miele-'registered' repair people allowed to...

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No experience with Bosch or AEG washers.

I order parts (v. rarely necessary, except when I bought a second-hand one and it needed a complete overhaul) directly from Miele USA in Princeton, NJ.

They are a bit snooty on the phone about talking to mere customers regardng technical matters, but if you politely persist, eventually you will get transferred to their techs who know their stuff, know the parts numbers ad are prepared to take an order over the phone with a credit card. Miele parts aren't cheap, but like the machines they are high quality (at least for my older machines (1918 and 1986, that's model numbers not manuf. years!).

I am probably set for life for machines so I haven't kept up on the latest models. Miele in the US started making dumbed-down larger capacity FLs, but if I recall correctly they have reverted to the smaller, true horizontal axis Euro-style machines, perhaps similar to mine which are the real deal (though bought in the US).

I found my latest one (a 1986) on Craig's list for a couple hundred bucks. It's owners didn't "get it" so the concluded the apparent small size wouldn't be satisfactory and they only used cold water (with fabric softener) so the machine got fouly stinky from biofilm.

Miele washers are very sophisticated in their options, and not as useful for a family that barely sorts and just stuffs things in and dumps a lot of washing products into cold water. You don't have to make a huge deal about it, but if you take the trouble to learn how to use it, you will have a great washing tool. At least that's been my experience.

Miele Canada has a better website, with better online owners' manuals than Miele USA. And you can find repair manuals and detailed parts lists from other vendors online (behind a paywall, but not expensive) for most models if you Google for them.



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Thank you for your reply! That does help a lot. I've also leaned towards Miele, so I'm thinking that's probably where we'll end up.... :)

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Speed Queen: larger drum, can be DIY'ed, durable, easy to use.
Miele: better cycles and options, better fabric care.

I wouldn't consider Bosch and certainly not the current AEG/Electrolux units if Miele and SQ are in the running, too.

I'd go the Miele as, I think, the SQ front loaders are just a bit too limited.


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Miele or Bosch in that order. Currently have Miele 3035. Previously had Bosch Axxis. Both are good. Miele is much more adjustable and has higher spin speed. Bosch drum is slightly larger but both fit queen sheets, comforter easily. Bosch pair was stacked; Mieles are s-b-s under counter. Much more of a learning curve with Miele than Bosch.

We are two. I do at least 8 loads a week with towels, sheets, cleaning cloths, exercise clothing, black clothing, white loads, color loads and misc delicates.

Miele has superior rinse cycle and Woolens cycle I use for wool and cashmere vs dry cleaning.

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Go with the Miele. I am sadly replacing our 15 year old Miele washing machine and I wouldn't even consider changing brands. The build quality, design and performance are really just outstanding. We love our Miele.

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We ended up getting the Miele W1612. It was delivered on Wednesday, and I'm absolutely loving it so far. :)

Today I was browsing the Miele website and discovered that they've started a promotion for free 10 year warranty upgrades. :( We missed it by 6 days. ugh. I'm so upset that the store didn't tell us, since I bet they would've known in advance. I called Miele this aft to see if they'd extend the warranty to us, but the woman said it wasn't possible. I'm wondering if I should call again but ask for a supervisor? I'm so bummed that we missed out!

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Congratulations! I got my W3033 today and will post an update in a day or two, My impression after 5 loads is that it's an improvement over my W1926 in a number of ways and that I prefer the new controls over the old pushbutton approach.

The only extended warrantee option the US website shows is adding 4 more years to the 1 year standard warrentee for 249 USD. I'll have to think about it.

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Congrats to both of you. Will look forward to hearing your user news. Loving mine.

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I have experienced horrible customer service with my Bosch FL
washer and a Bosh dishwasher. Their customer service is nonexistent.

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