a rubber or a flexible washer machine water hose?

chickadee4April 16, 2013

I did google the internet to see if there was a standard code to washing machine hose lines prior to posting

Before my new LG washer arrived , I attempted to make the installation easier so I moved furniture and removed the laundry door. I have a horizontal turn off switch for the washing machine water line. I had water spraying from the washing machine as I undid the feed lines. I turned off the main water in order to remove the old unit and install the new washing machine.
Every single project in this new home is a nightmare.
I started a load of laundry and flipped the shut off valve switch hoping the water would stop flowing.Of course it did not . One could wish .
I do have a drain under the washing machine for water overflow.
Do I need to hire a plumber and install a working shut off valve?
ALso rubber hoses were installed as the water feed lines. Should I swap those out and install flexible tubing instead?

The shut off valve is not a turn valve/angle stop but a switch that you slide..... a gate valve
Thank You

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If the valve is failing to stop all water flow, then yes call a plumber.

Rubber hoses are OK, if you can easily monitor them to make sure they don't bulge/crack/dry out/spring a leak.

Braided stainless steal hoses may offer more protection against bulges but are not fail proof. They should be inspected as well.

It's good practice to turn off the water to the washer (and now dryers that use water to freshen up clothes) as to alleviate constant pressure on them.

A great water valve to install is pictured.

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I took a look at prices for the above valve . One vendor used catastrophic in the description.
Presently there is constant pressure on these feed lines so the rubber can burst. Even though I have a drain , I am sure the drain will not remove the water fast enough and have damage to a wood floor that butts the laundry room tile.
You are correct and I am being both silly and stupid.
I was hoping not to have the plumber here again. The operative word is again. I do most of the home repairs but if it involves a torch I leave it for the professionals.
I appreciate you postings.
Where can I find the above valve?

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I did not notice the brand stamp as Watts.
I am good to go .
Thank You

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I have that valve and I agree it's a good one. We always shut the valve when we leave the house for vacation, but not between washes.

I don't see how closing the valve will relieve the pressure on the attached hoses. The pressure will simply be trapped between the valve and the washer unless the washer is turned on for a brief instant to let some water escape to relieve the pressure.

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^^ That's true, but leastwise a flood will be prevented if a hose does burst while the supply faucets are shut off.

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Never had a bad rubber hose. Some I have used nearly 20 years. Things arent so easy to say today though with so much coming from an unproven global market.

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Are there any good options for folks whose stacked FL machines are in a closet with no access to the back of the machines? They have been fine for 5 years but I still worry about a burst hose. It is a big project and at least a 2 person job to slide them out to inspect the hoses. Is there some kind of remote or electronic shut off that would work?

I know it is not optimal to have my setup but it is what I have. No space to put the machines anywhere else but the garage and that would cost big bucks and make the car grumpy.

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There are thick heavy duty rubber and braided steal washer hoses but they still should be inspected periodically.

There are also electronic units that can turn off the water automatically (check out IntilliFlow or Flood Stop or FloodSafe to name a few.)

Look them up on Youtube.

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georgect - Thanks for the info. I have researched these options in the past. Intelliflow has one of the worst set of customer reviews I have ever seen for any product. It seems to be a badly designed piece of junk. The Floodsafe hoses may be a bit better but many users here have had trouble with them, and since I can't access them easily to fix them I sure don't want to try that.

I guess I will continue to live dangerously.

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You haven't lived until you have had a washing machine supply hose burst while you are not at home. This happened to a neighbor of ours quite a number of years ago. It's shocking how fast that entire home filled up with water. I've seen the damage this can cause in person.
After that incident with the neighbor I think everyone in the neighborhood bought new hoses immediately afterwards.

It doesn't pay to gamble on something as cheap as a hose!

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