Yikes - GasPak/Install Prices Doubled?!

annecAugust 25, 2011

I need to replace my gas pak. In 2005 I had a new HVAC system installed (in the same size house in a slightly more expensive area than where I am now) -- new gas pak, new ducting, they removed the old gas furnace, etc -- for $5900. A few months earlier my neighbor replaced her gas pak (same model) for $2900. Now I'm being told by at least two different contractors that it will cost me around $6000 to replace my gas pak. Have prices really doubled in six years, or are they padding the bill because of the energy rebate? What should I do?

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You can get some more estimates. There are good priced installers out there. You might want to ask some contractors about a generalization of their prices over the phone to see whether your dealing with a high or lower priced contractor.

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Thank you, neohio. That's good to know. I'll keep looking.

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$2900 to swap out a decent gas pack seems extremely low.

Lot depends on how well the ducts line up. What are your replacing? What are you considering?

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