No air coming out with 'Fan Only' setting...?

crvannessAugust 2, 2011

We just replaced our air handler about a month ago, and it already seems to be breaking down. When we set the thermostat to "Cool" and turn it on Auto/Fan Only, it comes through, but very slowly.

We thought that this might mean the coils were frozen, so we switched the cool/off/heat switch to off and turned the fan on. Nothing is coming out.

We live in Maryland, so it's super humid, but even last night when it dropped down to 75 degrees our house never dropped below 80? I'm not sure what the problem is, is it possible that the air handler's fan is broken, so the light air that comes through when the A/C is on is just because of the outdoor unit's fan?

Again, the air handler is new, so we know it's not the filters. We're having our air ducts cleaned today, but since nothing was coming out with the fan only option, I'm guessing that's not it. The outdoor unit is older, but it's running and the tube running from it is well insulated, though I can still feel the cold condensation coming through the insulation.

We just spent a ton of money getting the air handler installed, so I'd like to avoid calling a technician in again... Any ideas?


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Is this a new thermostat? It would be helpful to know the full model number.

Was the replacement air handler a 'matched' unit to your outdoor unit? Model numbers of ID and OD units would be helpful.

I assume 75 was the setpoint. What was the outdoor temp when indoor would not go below 80?


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Did the contractor warranty his work? Is so why are you hesitating having him come out and fix the problem?

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