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jwalker678August 20, 2012

I have received 4 proposals for a new system. I am leaning toward Carrier 3 ton 16 seer and 96%, 80,000 btu two stage furnace. Only one dealer proposed to replace lineset. Should I be concerned about the ones that didn't? The one that did said that since it is easy to get to it was the better choice. Two of the four recommended an air cleaner, the aprilaire 2210 by the carrier dealer and Honeywell hi-media by the Bryant dealer. The other two did not suggest an air cleaner. No allergies but we do have a dog that sheds a lot and the house seems to get dusty quickly. Is an air cleaner a good idea? I didn't get a separate cost for this.

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What mdl furnace?

What mdl thermostat?

If reusing existing lineset, it must be the right size to the Carrier condenser model spec. Close does not count.

And yes, a pleated filter media cabinet is a good idea for indoor air quality and excellent protection of evap coil and blower motor.


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Carrier 3 ton model 24anb636a003 and 80,000 btu furnace model 59tn6a080v1714.

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What stat? Should be Infinity.

What location?

What size home?

What size AC and furnace are you replacing?

Post back.


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Stat is infinity systxccuid01-v. The system is located in the basement. This is the main unit of a zoned setup. Two story house, 2900 sf plus finished basement. The 2nd floor unit is a 2 ton carrier unit replaced in 2006. New unit replaces the same size unit i.e. 3 ton, 80,000 btu. All four proposals were for the same size. Two took measurements and said they would do load calc but I did not see any calculations. I think one of the guys that didn't do a load calc said i am somewhat limited because the basement ceiling was drywalled after the systems were installed and getting to piping etc would be problematic. I am leaning toward 2 stage furnace with the hope that it will help some unevenness now experience. The first floor BR is much cooler in the winter than the rest of the first floor.

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Another question, the dealer that quoted new lineset also quoted double pipe 2" . I already have venting to the outside. Is there any reason why it should be replaced?

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If you are considering a full Carrier Infinity system install and can wait until next month, Carrier will probably have their fall rebate offer starting in Sept with up to $1100 rebate for a qualified 2stage A/C + furnace + thermostat Infinity system.

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I'd also recommend including a relatively low cost pleated filter media cabinet using a replaceable Merv8 filter. No need to go with a much more expensive electrostatic air filter.

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As far as venting, this may be a sizing issue. Suggest you ask dealer why existing venting can not be reused?

So just to be clear, what size living area is main floor?
What size living area is Finished basement?
Finished basement is or is partially below grade?

The reason I ask these questions is an 80 KBTU furnace may be oversized.

Again what is your location?

Your problem with first floor BR suggests insulation and/or ductwork issues. Your dealer should evaluate this area and make suggestions to improve. Insist on it. Now is the time.

Post back.


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First floor is 1,600 sf, 2nd floor 1,300 sf and finished basement 1,000 sf. 14' and 9' ceilings on the first floor and open 2 story foyer. The basement is a walkout and partially below grade. I am in st. Louis. Hot humid summers and typically 3 months of freezing temps.

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This is the quote I am leaning towards: Carrier Infinity system 6,762.00. Adding Aprilaire cleaner 2210 and subtracting rebate gives a total bid of $6,500.The other comparable Carrier quote is $7,100 with the only difference being new lineset and venting. The Bryant comparable bid is $7,900.
59TN6A080V1714 80.000 BTU 96% Two Stage Heat variable speed Infinity gas

1 24ANB636 3 Ton 16 seer Infinity Puron a/c 0.00
1 SYSTXCCUID01V Infinity system control 0.00
1 CNPVP3617ATA evaporator coil 0.00
1 condensation drain line assembly 0.00
1 Duro a/c pad 0.00
Installation includes all required sheet metal fabrication to install the listed
equipment. Hook up to existing gas & electrical supplies, Flue pipes, humidifier,
and line set. install (1) Liquid line filter dryer to prevent contamination to new a/c
unit. Leak & pressure test existing line set, Recover refrigerant from existing a/c
unit according to EPA requirements. Future aire will haul away equipment
removed. Labor and materials
1 0.00
Warranties:Limited Life time Heat exchanger
(10) year Compressor & parts "excluding filters"
( 5 ) year Parts Aprilaire products "excluding filters"
( 1 ) year Labor
Future Aire holds no warranty on existing humidifier
1 0.00
add for any additional items selected
(1) Aprilaire 2200 air cleaner add $ 395.00 installed w/system
1 0.00
Carrier Factory rebate of $ 700.00 when installing the listed equipment.
I need to further investigate the solution to the cold masterbedroom issue. I suspect making duct changes will be costly given the finished lower level and drywalled ceilings. I am hoping the 2 stage furnace will make enough of a difference.

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This is a nice system. I would have the lineset replaced if easily accessible.

The Aprilaire air cleaner seems expensive. Carrier also sells a similar filter box for their 4 inch filter. It may be cheaper and should work just as well.

Consider getting the Carrier 10 year labor warranty.

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Wow! I just had to comment....I am paying more for a much lower Carrier system here in NJ. I looked up a cost of living calculator to compare NJ to St Louis and it said St Louis is 23% lower. I need to move to St Louis! My quote has several items wrapped into it, but I figure I am paying between 9-10k. I do get new lineset and 10 year labor. Your deal sounds great to me! But, I am just a homeowner. This points out how important it is to know the costs of an area before deciding if a price is reasonable or not. I do not normally get extended warranties, but I am afraid these new systems have much more parts to break down that the old ones so you should consider it.

I thought Bryant would be cheaper?? Curious as to whether the Bryant or Carrier is the bigger or more well known of the 2? My overpriced bid was from a company that seems to have a healthy advertising budget....I ended up with them after negotiating, but I guess they just like to do less business at higher margin (based on first quote.)

Good luck!

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Just a note: make sure to do your research when you're choosing a contractor to install a new AC system. It definitely depends on where you live and the amount of demand. If anyone needs answers to questions like these, check out Airflow Designs at Orlando Air Conditioning. We have a pretty informative blog!

Here is a link that might be useful: Orlando AC Repair

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St. Louis is comparatively cheap to live so we got that going for us. Both the Bryant dealer and carrier dealers are well established multi generation family businesses. I am confident I could have negotiated a better price with all of them but the lowest bid happened to be from the deler I previously used and would have been my first choice anyway. I may add new lineset because it would be only $150 and I plan to ak about 10 year labor.

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